International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law

International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and Human Rights Law (HRL) forms a major part of public international law. International Humanitarian Law is a set of rules which seek, for humanitarian reasons, to limit the effects of armed conflict. It protects persons who are not or are no longer participating in the hostilities and restricts the means and methods of warfare. International humanitarian law is also known as the law of war or the laws of armed conflict. At the same time, International Human Rights Law (HRL) is committed to promote and protect human rights at the international, regional and domestic level.

The Centre for International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights strives to create a research based and an inquisitive platform for students in this area of law and to maintain an academic response to the persisting as well as the contemporary challenges in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law.

To enhance knowledge and understanding of the purpose, substance and scope of IHL and HRL and of the potential of IHL as a tool to achieve and maintain peace and protect rights; and to create awareness of IHL and HRL as part of public international law.

  • To provide a platform of discussion and activities related to this branch of International Law
  • To strengthen legal recognition and protection of human rights
  • To encourage interested students in advancing their studies towards this subject
  • To undertake research projects in International Humanitarian law and Human Rights issues
  • To partner with international organizations like International Committee of the Red Cross Regional delegation, New Delhi, UNHCR, NHRC.
  • Conducts National Students Conference on International Humanitarian Law and Refugee Law in association with ICRC and UNHCR.
  • Publication of Conference Proceeding to strengthen the knowledge base and research skills in the area of IHL and Refugee Laws.
  • Distinguished Lecture and interactive session by eminent persons on various aspects of IHL and HRL.
Name Designation
Ms Anvikha Pachori Head
Shubham Vijay Student Member
Rishika Garg Student Member
Muskan Yadav Student Member
Anchal Jain Student Member
Dhwani Pandya Student Member
Vaibhav Mani Student Member
Vanshika Agarwal Student Member
Piyush Kumar Singh Student Member
Siddhant Dubey Student Member
Bliss Singh Student Member
Harmanjot Kaur Student Member
Rohan Dembani Student Member
Satyam Batra Student Member
Shambhavi Gautam Student Member
Shristi Singh Student Member
Shubham Tejas Student Member


Mr. Swarnabh Dutta
Ms. Ayushi Kalyan
Ms. Bhavinee Singh
Mr. Aditya Sharma
Ms. Sakshi Mathur


  • With the support and cooperation of various stakeholders, the Centre for IHL and HR would initiate:
  • To conduct National Students Conference on IHL, HRL and Refugee Law
  • To organize Expert Lectures/Panel Discussions on contemporary issues related to IHL and HRL
  • To stimulate research in the contemporary areas of IHL and HRL by inviting research articles for the online Journal of IHL and HRL.
  • To organize training programme on the implementation and dissemination of IHL and HRL for Students, practitioners and academicians.
  • To collaborate and assist organizations working in the areas of IHL and HRL.

Centre for International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law
Institute of Law, Nirma University
S. G. Highway, Ahmedabad – 382481
Gujarat – INDIA Phone: 91-079- 71652824

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