Let’s Learn the different types of Law in the Indian Legal System

The constitution of India gives various rights to the people of the country. A law is an amorphous set of rules that help in governing society. As defined by Austin – “Law is the command of the sovereign.”

The Indian legal system is one of the most interesting fields to work in. If you are planning to become a lawyer in India you must first be aware of all kinds of law so that you can choose your specialization while studying law.

In a country with such a huge population, laws are the controllers. The magnanimity of the legal system in India is known to all and thus it is one of the most prestigious professions in the world.

There are many types of laws that are present and you can master one of them. Let’s discuss the different types of laws to help you decide what attracts you the most.

Types of Laws in the Indian Legal System

Criminal Law

The most popular type of law often opted by the students, criminal law. Criminal law deals with finding the true perpetrator of law and punishing him or her. The crimes range from theft to murder, extortion to fraud, sexual assault to terrorism.

The criminal lawyers are divided into two: Public Prosecutors and Defense Lawyers. Public prosecutors work for the state while defence lawyers represent the accused in the courtroom. High-pressured work environments and challenging cases will be a constant part of the profession. Criminal lawyers are always on their feet and solve cases related to abuse of any sorts, cybercrime, murder and many more types of crimes.

The perfect example of a good criminal lawyer is Gopal Subramanium, KTS Tulsi, Sidharth Luthra, who are some of the award-winning criminal lawyers of India.

Corporate Law

The corporate world today is growing rapidly and without any law, it would definitely go haywire. Corporate law, also known as business law is a set of rules to govern the practices of the corporate world. These laws set legal boundaries while running a business and keep everything under control.

It is essential and needs to be looked after by qualified lawyers. If you are looking for a specialisation in your law study where you can be a part of the business world, earn a decent salary from the beginning and look after the business’ legalities then corporate law is your choice.

You will have to handle disputes and fight for the pride of the firm, ensuring that the reputation and functions of the company are running smoothly.

Here’s a tip: do your apprenticeship in a comparatively bigger law firm as it will help you in getting hands-on experience from the best.

The perfect example of the top corporate lawyers is Mr. Bahram Navroz Vakil. He needs no introduction and his excellence in handling some of the biggest corporate cases has been flawless. Ajay Bahl, Zia Mody, Cyril Shroff are some of the most renowned corporate lawyers in the country.

Environmental Law

Today the environment is suffering the most amidst all the developments. If there was no control over human’s behaviour then the environment would have suffered even more today and would have become beyond repair.

Environmental laws are the set of rules that controls human behaviour towards the environment. These rules help in eradicating the unnecessary exploitation of the environment or natural resources. It also helps in maintaining the quality of air, water and land.

You could take this up as your specialisation if you want to make a difference. Today the environment needs good lawyers who can implement environment-friendly laws and protect the environment for future generations. Laws regarding air & water quality, waste management, chemical safety, land use, hunting all come under this branch. This is practised both in public and private firms.

Mahesh Chandra Mehta is one of the most well-known environmental lawyers in the country. Padma Shri Award winner knows exactly what is needed to win cases. Read more about him to know what a great lawyer has to offer the world.

There are several international and national career opportunities for environmental lawyers. Though the entire law profession is about impacting people’s lives in one way or another, environmental law is about impacting people’s lives and health on a much larger is a social responsibility that you will take up for the betterment of the whole world.

Media Law

The Media industry is one of the biggest industries that is contributing to the economy of the country. It is bound to have disputes as everyone is trying to make their mark among the billions of people. While the industry is full of glamour but to control its disputes of copyrights, censorship, what can be published what cannot be and much more Media Law or Entertainment Law play a big role.

The demand for media lawyers has increased ever since social media was introduced. Social media is one of the best platforms but also gave birth to many copyright issues and defamation cases. Media lawyers get a chance to work at production houses or publication houses as legal advisors. As the media industry increases there is a rise in the opportunities available too.

Prashant Ramdas, and in-house media lawyers of Time Group. He is known for his fine practices and interesting approaches. Natasha Fernandes works for B4U as an in-house legal counsel is also one of the best media lawyers in Mumbai.

Family Law

Falls under civil law, the family helps in disputes that are related to marriage, divorce, child custody, adoption and more. Any issue that affects families can be resolved with the help of a family lawyer. The family laws are set to clear rules for various aspects related to family life.

For example, if it is a case of divorce then various things have to be taken into consideration before the couple parts ways. From alimony to who will have the child’s custody, everything

Pinky Anand and Vrinda Grover are two of the finest examples of lawyers in family law and property law who have changed lives for the better!

Property Law

Under property law, both tangible and intangible properties are included. Tangible properties are all the physical assets and intangible properties are patents, stocks, copyrights and more. These are of high value and without any law, people might even kill each other for it.

If you choose to learn more about property law then you must be aware that India and other countries will always have cases that are about assets. Humans will always protect their money first. You might have to witness ugly disputes but you can always empower changes through the profession of the lawyer.

There is also something called intellectual property law that gives people and business the rights to access information to create intellectual property that is of high value for a limited time usually.

International Laws

International Laws are a set of treaties that help in governing the relationship between countries and nations. It looks after all the international businesses, the relation among the citizens and much more. The magnanimity of international laws is beyond your imagination.

Not every country or nation will have the same ways of governing thus these international laws help in defining rules and setting boundaries that are much needed while doing business or any other activity.

Many other divisions might be of interest to you. Research well before you choose your path to success.

Make sure that you choose a college that enhances your career in law. One of the best colleges for studying law is the Institute of Law, Nirma University. It has transformed the study of law with its teaching excellence and in-depth knowledge. If you are looking for a college that can kickstart your career as a lawyer then the Institute of Law, Nirma University is your ultimate choice!

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