The Institute has different clubs/committee/society to nurture talent and capabilities in extra-curricular activities among the students. The objective of club activities is to promote and support students to propagate and contribute to various activities held at the Institute. Students take the responsibility to plan, organize, conduct, and review the events. This culture inculcates the spirit of teamwork and leadership amongst the students.

Chief Patron Faculty Advisor Co-Faculty Advisor President Secretary
Dr. Madhuri Parikh Ms Anubhuti Dungdung Mr Alaukik Shrivastava Ms Nandini Goyal Mr Abhishek Sadhwani
  • An activity that is specific to law schools, mooting helps in the overall development of an individual as a
  • The Debate Society of the Institute is a rich platform for discourse and deliberation on various contemporary ideas for
  • The justice delivery system in India has come under great stress due to several reasons. At the same time
  • NPD committee works along with Debate society and Connaissance to organize its annual Parliamentary debate in the annual literature
  • Its main objective is to enhance the literary skills of students, to bring to light the hidden talents among
  • The Newsletter Committee looks forward to spreading the events and achievements of Institute of Law, Nirma University, Faculty and
  • Knowledge is power, information is liberating and education is the premise of progress in every society. With the same
  • The Dance Club at the Institute is one of the newest members in the Institute Clubs. The Dance Club
  • Music Club is one of the pioneer clubs of the Institute of Law, which was started in the year
  • The Theatre Club – Pratibimb believes in the potential of bringing change in the society through art and its
  • Sports, simultaneously strokes the embers of competitiveness and unity among the students. It is one of the strange phenomenon
  • Connaissance is the Annual Literary and Debating Festival organised at Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad. What began as
  • Media Committee develops the relationship of Institute to the outside world. Media Committee remains in constant touch of television,
  • The official Photography club has been designated to capture the life at Institute of law. It is a group
  • Model United Nations is an authentic simulation of the UN General Assembly, UN Security Council, or other multilateral bodies,
  • The SWB cultural committee of the Institute of Law, Nirma University is one of the vital committees responsible for

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