Certificate Course on Maritime Law

Law of the Sea and Maritime Law is a significant part of International Law, which has a unique nature regarding policies and practices. The important aspect of the law of the sea is ocean governance, and maritime law deals with maritime affairs.

This course is designed by the experts keeping in mind the importance and applications of Law of the Sea and Maritime Law in Ocean Governance and Maritime Affairs. The course is expected to be useful for the participants who have a legal background and non-law background and the people who are directly or indirectly involved in maritime profession. The Course structure is designed to equip the participants with the basic knowledge of the Law of the Sea and Maritime Law, particularly maritime regulatory mechanisms.

The course is designed for 48 hours; it is a part-time course. The course contents include very significant aspects of the Law of the Sea & Maritime Law deals with the Ocean Governance, Jurisdiction, Rights and Duties under Law of the Sea. Maritime Contracts, Shipping Business, Maritime Safety & Security, Collision at Sea and Seafarers Welfares, Marine Environments & Maritime Liabilities, Maritime Insurance Law, Maritime Claims & Dispute Settlements.

The classes will be conducted every Thursday and Friday through the online mode except an official holiday. The duration of the course part-time six months online. The classes will be 1  (One) Hour. The certificate will be awarded after successful completion of the programme and submission of the assignments. Attendance is compulsory for certification.

The students of the Institute of Law (ILNU), UG. PG, Research Scholars and Researcher of any university/Institutes/college. Maritime ports, officers, maritime stakeholders and maritime professionals in India.

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