Executive Diploma Programme

To fulfill the needs of practicing advocates, software engineers, government officials interested in cyber law and forensic the Institute offers an Executive Diploma Programme in Cyber Laws and Forensics. The programme aims at upgrading the knowledge and skills of the participants and provide them with better career progression in the area of cyber law & forensic issues. This program will be conducted only on Sundays to provide an opportunity for formal learning to the working executives with a convenient schedule for studies.

The Objectives:

The Programme focuses on updating the participants on the latest developments in the areas of Cyber Law and preparing them to take responsibilities in dealing with critical legal issues in Cyberspace. The main objectives of the Programme are to:
  • Impart knowledge on the Legal Regulations of Cyberspace & Techniques of cyber forensics.
  • Train in Litigation Practice of Cyberlaw Matters.
  • Upgrade the knowledge of participants in handling contemporary cyberspace matters.

Programme Structure:
The classes are conducted on Sundays (between 09.00AM and 05.00PM) to suit the working executives. The programmes’ structure is given below:
Duration: 33 Sundays
Number of Courses in a Programme: Nine
Course Credit: 18 Credit Hours (One credit hour is equal to 10 classroom sessions of one hour each)

Pedagogy and Learning Resources:

Pedagogy consists of simulation exercises, case analyses, industry presentations, lectures, discussions, assignments, projects, etc. We have a centrally air-conditioned and fully computerized Library Resource Centre with an impressive collection of business databases, corporate annual reports, e-books, CDs, virtual legal database, Law Journals & more than 12000 books in Library.

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