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With great joy we would like to share the creative accomplishment of the first year students i.e. the E Magazine Aurora Borealis. The idea of the E Magazine was unique in itself and was initiated by our guiding light – Prof Purvi Pokhariyal, Director, Institute of Law Nirma University.

After long deliberations finally we thought of the title Aurora Borealis which means the ‘Northern Lights’ that is a beautiful, mystic, colourful and magnetic phenomenon. The first years were also trying to fathom and unleash their creative faculties and eventually found a haven in Aurora Borealis.

The first edition comprises of self composed poems and prose as well as reviews on books and movies. It would be updated fortnightly and utmost care has been taken that all compositions are original and authentic.

We hope that this venture would be able to touch your hearts.

Aurora Borealis 1st Edition

After tremendous response from our readers, we are here with the II Edition of the ‘Aurora Borealis’ magazine. We mark our presence with dazzling hues and radiant lights in the night sky, we also aim to mark our presence by our literary creativity.
Introducing the theme of this publication “Springtime- a torrent of flowers and colors”. Here we come with poems and articles, poems, book/movie reviews and other literary stuff.

Aurora Borealis 2nd Edition

The Herald by Literary Committee – ILNU

December 2020 August 2020

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