Students Welfare Board

The Students Welfare Board consists of a team of students and faculty coordinators who are consistently engaged in promoting activities for stimulating an exuberant student life on campus. The Board focuses on the overall development of students. It acts as a representative body to the administration on behalf of the students. It gives opportunities to students in diverse areas be it academic or non-academic. It consists of various clubs and committees engaged in cultural activities such as music, dance, theatre and sports.

The Students Welfare Board provides students with the opportunity not only to participate in different events but also to acquire the skills of leadership and management through organising the events in the field of dance, music, sports, theatre. The Board provides students with an environment where they can feel free to interact and share their views. It unites the whole student fraternity of the Institute.



Mr Neelesh Shukla
Institute Coordinator
Students Welfare Board
Phone: 079-71652809

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