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Call for papers – Journal of Intellectual Property Law – Issue 5 (2019-20)

Call for papers –  8th ILNU National Students Conference on International and Humanitarian and Refugee Laws

In order to enhance research skills and promote research activity, Institute has established research Centres in different areas namely

Centre for the Study of Law and Governance, Centre for Criminal Law and Justice, Centre for Alternate Dispute Resolution, Centre for Corporate Law Studies, Centre for International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law (IHL&HRL), Centre for Social Justice, Centre for Intellctual Property Rights, Centre for Environmental Law and Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Law, Centre for Competition Law, Centre for Energy Law, Policy and Strategy. Students are divided under these Centres depending upon their interests and they carry out research project on different issues relating to the subject area. So far, students have submitted 5 research projects under this activity. Research is an ongoing activity wherein students are engaged in empirical and doctrinal research work in different areas of law. Faculty members assess the project report of the students and guide them towards publishing in law journals The purpose of constituting these specialized centres was to provide the students’ opportunities to deepen and widen their knowledge under the guidance of expert resource person in the respective areas. It is also expected that the centres will facilitate interaction leading to sharpening their skills of a verbal presentation and analytical expertise. Apart from the above broad objectives the proposed centres are fostering and nourishing academic and professional values, sensitizing the younger mind in quest of knowledge. Such sensitization could be achieved by the scholastic activities, mainly in the following manner.

  • It will enhance their analytical skills.
  • Centre aims at improving student’s Communicative Skills.
  • Activities will be conducted to develop their presentation skills.
  • Inculcate the habit of study and research, which is important for the growth and development in legal field.
  • Study the substantial laws & procedural laws in-depth to identify its loopholes & suggest ways to effective implementation.
  • To study the laws that develop through judicial pronouncements.
  • To associate with N.G.Os, Government Departments, Implementing authorities, and other such agencies to understand the process of implementation.
  • To publish newsletter/ Journals
  • To organize debates, Quizzes, Seminars, Symposiums, etc on a related subject.

The Centre for Corporate Law Studies is an initiative of ILNU aimed at institutionalizing and channelizing research on corporate and business related aspects that take place nationally as well as globally. The Centre looks to give a necessary impetus by inculcating an outlook amongst those future corporate professionals to question the various aspects of business and its interplay with society.

The Center’s focus of study involves the wide ranging contemporaneous corporate law issues: which includes as major thrust area financial markets and intermediaries; the legal framework of Corporate Laws like, Company Law, Taxation, Mergers and Acquisitions, Securities Law, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code, Contract Law etc. The Center undertakes activities including discussions and expert talks that inculcate and facilitate the students to have a thorough understanding of the corporate structure, its market, its regulatory framework etc. The students look to undertake research, engage in debates and sensitize others about the same by organizing workshops, essay competitions to voice their views as well as take up blogging with equal fervor.

In addition, the Centre publishes the Quarterly Corporate Law Bulletin and is actively involved in policy research. The Corporate Law Center also offers many opportunities, both inside the classroom and beyond, for students who are interested in business law.

The objectives of the Centre and its members are to:

  1. Undertake and promote research on corporate laws & attract students of the highest caliber to the Law School’s programs and provide opportunities for their involvement in corporate law research projects.
  2. To provide advice to the Institutes on the teaching of Corporate & Business laws within the Nirma University and develop and promote innovative curriculum, teaching methods and teaching materials in this field.
  3. To host seminars and conferences to disseminate the results of research undertaken under the auspices of the Centre or in other programs associated with the Centre.
  4. To develop and promote links with academics in universities in India and in other countries who specialize in corporate law.
  5. Promote close links with peak organizations  & members of the legal profession involved in corporate law and securities regulation

In the past the Centre has organized various literary events which was done with the aim of inculcating research and knowledge using various tools and techniques.

Workshops and Seminars

The centre has successfully conducted a workshop on ”Valuation, Accounting and Taxation Aspects of Mergers” in the month of September, 2019. It has planned on conduction two more workshops, one on Commercial Drafting and other on Cross-Border Mergers or Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code in the academic year 2019-2020.

Newsletter and blogs

In order to disseminate information on the latest developments happening in the field, the centre has planned to launch a monthly newsletter. It would weekly release blog posts on important recent occurence in the said field. Moreover, as an informal source of information dissemination, an instagram page has also been created on which, on a daily basis, crux of the important issues in the corporate and business world will be uploaded.

Head  Associate Head Student Members
Mr Amit Kashyap Mr Arpit Sharma 1. Varun Akar, Secretary
2. Shubham Gupta, Core Member
3. Palak Dheer, Core Member
4. Shikha Tripathi, Core Member

Centre for Research in Corporate Law Studies
Institute of Law, Nirma University
Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway,
Post: Chandlodia, Via : Gota,
Ahmedabad – 382 481
Phone: 7600377946, 7226060459

International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and Human Rights Law (HRL) forms a major part of public international law. International Humanitarian Law is a set of rules which seek, for humanitarian reasons, to limit the effects of armed conflict. It protects persons who are not or are no longer participating in the hostilities and restricts the means and methods of warfare. International humanitarian law is also known as the law of war or the laws of armed conflict. At the same time, International Human Rights Law (HRL) is committed to promote and protect human rights at the international, regional and domestic level.

The Centre for International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights strives to create a research based and an inquisitive platform for students in this area of law and to maintain an academic response to the persisting as well as the contemporary challenges in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law.

To enhance knowledge and understanding of the purpose, substance and scope of IHL and HRL and of the potential of IHL as a tool to achieve and maintain peace and protect rights; and to create awareness of IHL and HRL as part of public international law.

  • To provide a platform of discussion and activities related to this branch of International Law
  • To strengthen legal recognition and protection of human rights
  • To encourage interested students in advancing their studies towards this subject
  • To undertake research projects in International Humanitarian law and Human Rights issues

To partner with international organizations like International Committee of the Red Cross Regional delegation, New Delhi, UNHCR, NHRC.

  • Conducts National Students Conference on International Humanitarian Law and Refugee Law in association with ICRC and UNHCR.
  • Publication of Conference Proceeding to strengthen the knowledge base and research skills in the area of IHL and Refugee Laws.
  • Distinguished Lecture and interactive session by eminent persons on various aspects of IHL and HRL.
Head  Associate Head Student Members
Dr G V Narsimha Rao Ms Anviksha Pachori 1. Shubham Vijay, Chairperson
2. Adimesh Lochan, Vice-Chairperson
3. Nishi Agarwal, Vice-Chairperson
4. Ram Kabra, Secretary
5. Prakhar Shukla
6. Prakharshree Jain
7. Pragya Sharma
8. Rishika Garg
9. Anchal Jain
10. Tarushi Agarwal
11. Shinjani Agnihotri
12. Samruddha Pimpalgaonkar

Centre for International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law
Institute of Law, Nirma University
S. G. Highway, Ahmedabad – 382481
Gujarat – INDIA Phone: 91-079- 71652824

The centre aims to advance knowledge on the administration of justice and on the nature of criminal behavior. It aims to bring various stakeholders like academicians, policy planners, officials, programme administrators, representatives of civil society, NGOs, media, social and development activists and practitioners to debate and discuss about criminal law and justice and inclusive development: issues, challenges and social work perspective. The centre attempts to engage these issues theoretically as well as empirically.

The main motive behind the centre is to provide the students not only legal education but they should be given exposure to the society to understand the laws and the bottlenecks in implementation. The centre also aims at initiating programs which advances the research capabilities of the student and the same will be given consideration by the centre. Every activity of centre will be learning process for the members indulged in it, as well as the students of the university at large in the form of lectures, panel discussion etc.

  • To promote independent thinking, learning and presentation of thoughts.
  • To endorse skills that is needed both to enhance personal skills and to facilitate social engagement.
  • To provide a platform for interaction of students with Criminal Law experts on various Criminal Law related topics.
  • To Conduct Empirical research on different topic regarding the administration of criminal justice.
  • To publish Journal / Edited Book containing original and primary research works by the faculty and students.
  • To promote independent thinking, learning and presentation of thoughts.
  • To endorse skills that is needed both to enhance personal skills and to facilitate social engagement.
  • To provide a platform for interaction of students with Criminal Law experts on various Criminal Law related topics.
  • To Conduct Empirical research on different topic regarding the administration of criminal justice.
  • To publish Journal / Edited Book containing original and primary research works by the faculty and students.
Head Associated Head
Dr G V Narsimha Rao Mr Neeraj Kumar Gupta
Ms Neha Bhuraney

Center for Research in Criminal Law and Justice
Institute of Law, Nirma University
Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway,
Post : Chandlodia, Via : Gota,
Ahmedabad – 382 481

The justice delivery system in India has come under great stress due to several reasons. At the very same time due to the impact of globalisation there is rapid increase in disputes amongst the parties which require speedy and effective resolution which the adversarial system was failed to deliver. In this context, dispute resolution through arbitration, mediation, lok-adalats & negotiation are seen as more effective, less time consuming and hassle free alternate form of dispute resolution in India. Considering its significance, Institute of Law, Nirma University has set up the Centre on Alternative Dispute Resolution to enhance knowledge, understanding and scope of Alternate Dispute Resolution; and to create awareness of Alternate Dispute Resolution as part of justice delivery system; to equip the students and other professional with practical aspect of arbitration, mediation and other ADR mechanism to take up independent career in this field.

  • To develop skills related to various ADR mechanism among students and Legal fraternity;
  • To provide a platform of deliberations and discussion related to ADR;
  • To encourage interested students in advancing their studies towards this subject;
  • To conduct Practical Training Workshops for the students and other stakeholders;
  • To create awareness of ADR though various events like Panel Discussion, Symposium, Seminar, Client Counselling Competition, Negotiation Competition etc. on the subject.
  1. Workshop on Arbitration (October 2018): This was a small workshop organized by the centre for ADR to provide a base for the students who want to commence their careers in field of Arbitration. The Event Majorly Focused on Arbitration in India.
  2. International Seminar on Transnational Litigation: The Seminar was organized in collaboration with Penn State International Arb. Group, ICC India, GCCI and Law offices of Vivek Tanwar. This event aimed at developing Various prospectives for the students to have a thorough understanding of Arbitration as a subject Matter. The Event was more like a networking event with guests from around the World.
  3. Journal For ADR (4th Issue): The 4th Issue of Journal for ADR was Published in the month of August 2019. The Journal witenessed submissions not only from Indian Researchers, Scholars and Students but also from Abroad.
  • Annual Client Counseling Intramural for making the Panel to represent the Institute of Law in the National and International Client Counselling Competitions.
  • Annual Mediation Training Workshop in collaboration with Centre for ADR, Mumbai for the students of  Institute of Law.
  • Institute of Law has an MOU with Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) India since 2013 to carry out various collaborative activites in the field of Arbitration.
  • Annual Arbitration Training Workshop in collaboration with Chartered Institute of Arbitrator, (India) for the students of Institute of Law.
  • 1st ADR National Research paper writing Competition on the theme “International Commercial Arbitration in India: Problems and Prospects” organized in collaboration with Khaitan & Co., Mumbai as Law Firm Partner and Chartered Institute of Arbitrator, (India) & Wolters Kluwer as Knowledge partners. This Competition was an attempt to provide a platform for the law students for expressing their views on various aspects of International Commercial Arbitration and recent developments taking place across the globe and in India which effects the Indian position.
  • National Symposium on International Commercial Arbitration in India: Problems & Prospects being organised by Centre for ADR, ILNU on 10th May, 2014 wherein leading experts from the field of International Arbitration deliberated various emerging issues related to the theme.
  • Distinguished lecture cum interactive sessions by eminent persons on various aspects of ADR
  • Organising Panel discussion/ Round table on contemporary issues related to ADR
  • Introductory & advance courses on Arbitration and other form of ADR for students & Professionals
  • Various competitions on ADR including Client Counselling Competition, Mediation Competition etc
  • Centre for ADR Blog
  • Journal for ADR (5th Issue)
  • International Seminar on Transnational Litigation- 2020
Head  Associated Head Student Members
Ms Anubhuti Dungdung Ms Nikita Koradia 1. Divyanshu Bhardwaj
2. Riya Jain
3. Kinjal Goyal
4. Adhimesh Lochan
5. Parth Tiwari
6. Twinkle Malukani
7. Prachi Gupta
8. Kajal Singh
9. Ankur Mishra
10. R. Niveditha

Centre for Alternate Dispute Resolution
Institute of Law, Nirma University
Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway,
Post : Chandlodia, Via : Gota,
Ahmedabad – 382 481, Gujarat
Ph: +91 79 71652824 | Fax: +91 2717 241916

Centre for Law and Governance has been committed towards the dissemination of knowledge and research of Justice and the Rule of Law. The term justice itself calls to mind images of fairness, equality and institutions that legislate the principles of justice and execute them. In this regard the functioning of the three branches of government i.e., legislature, executive and judiciary needs a close analysis and critique. The Centre for Law and Governance endeavors to adopt a multidisciplinary approach of framing research and teaching on the complex relationship between law and governance for students of the Institute. The study of governance, in its various forms and at different facets is central to several contemporary issues: reform of public institutions and public law; the creation and establishment of procedures and rules that lead to greater efficiency, transparency, and accountability; and the challenge of making governance more inclusive and participatory through the strengthening of democracy and civil society.

Centre for Law and Governance has been established with the following objectives:

To generate legal knowledge on various issues

  1. to create a dynamic environment for research on concerned issues related to law and governance.
  2. to catalyze the critical understanding of civil society under the legal framework.
  3. to document current developments, progress and expansions in public policy framework.

The Mandate of the Centre for Law & governance may be enumerated as:

  1. Compilation and documentation of relevant material available in the University.
  2. Create a network of advocates/alumni willing to render help in case an indigent is directed to them.
  3. Deep involvement in pro-bono and public policy oriented research and the development of partnerships with other organizations.
  4. Coordination with NGOs and Government officials to ensure development of the community and maintenance of basic necessities, such as Health, Sanitation, Water and Education.
  5. Creation of awareness of legal rights and the manner of enforcement of these rights.


  • Conducted a certificate course on Public Education in United States from 19th March 2019 to 22nd March 2019


  1. Publication of Research Journal (Biannual)
  2. Distinguished Lecture in the field of Law and Governance & Public Policy
  3. Legal Awareness Activities in social set-up
  4. Essay Competition
  5. Debate Competition
Head Associated Head
Dr Tarkesh Molia Dr Vikash Kumar Updadhyay

Center for Law and Governance
Institute of Law, Nirma University,
S.G. Highway, Chharodi,
Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
India. PIN: 382481.

The centre shall be dedicated to building a multi-disciplinary platform which can assimilate knowledge among the different streams of an educational institution. It shall work in accordance with the vision of bringing advanced future prospects for the students in the field of Artificial intelligence.

The centre strives to:

  • To come with a unique initiative for academic research on the Subject Matter for the first time in India.
  • Encourage and undertake high-quality research related to various dimensions of AI which includes collaborative and multidisciplinary research.
  • To disseminate knowledge and awareness amongst the students, where they can enhance their interest in the respective field.
  • Centre for AI & Law (CAIL) inaugurated its series of Technology Friday’s on August 09, 2019 (3 pm to 6 pm) from the topic of current significance, namely, Inherent Biases in AI.
  •  Centre for AI & Law (CAIL) continued with its series of Technology Friday’s on August 22, 2019 (3 pm to 4 pm) from the topic of current significance, namely, Conceptualising Ethical Artifical Intelligence in India- Concepts of Ownership, Agency, Liabiltiy, AI and Related Legal Issues. The session on this topic was taken by Mr. Abhayraj Naik
  • Centre for AI & Law (CAIL) conducted the third session of the series, Technology Friday’s on 23rd August, 2019 (3 PM to 5 PM). The session was on the topic of growing impact, namely, Data Privacy Issues in AI. The speaker for the lecture was Mr. Arun Prabhu.
  • The Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Law (CAIL), Institute of Law, Nirma University conducted their 4th session of Technology Friday on 30th August, 2019 on the issues covering Intellectual property with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence. Mr. Zameer Nathani made the session a success with his great insights on the topic.
Head Student Members
Dr Bishwa Kallyan Dash 1. Aklovya Panwar, Chairperson
2. Ashwini Gehlot
3. Harsh Yadav
4. Ankitashri Tripathi
5. Syed Fardeen Ali
6. Srishti Pandey
7. Aishwarya Sharma
8. Mahak Kansara
9. Misha Sharma
10. Ritika Kanwar
11. Anshika Pandey
12. Samiha Yadav

Center for Artificial Intelligence Law
Institute of Law, Nirma University,
S.G. Highway, Chharodi,
Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
India. PIN: 382481.

The Centre for Environmental Law of Institute of Law envisages a journey towards Environmental sustainability and equability. The Centre was established on 17th August 2013.

The centre aims to create environmental sensitivity among the students, society and different stakeholders.  It aims to promote and encourage research in the field of environment to bridge the gap between the law, policy and their implementation in society, to achieve the social justice by encouraging protection of the right to environment. It also emphasises on spreading awareness among the people about their fundamental duty to protect the environment.

  • The Centre for Environmental Protection aims to serve as a nodal centre in the field of Environmental Law by promoting, encouraging and initiating research related to the different environment related issues including analyzing the various laws along with factual reality related with environmental protection. To achieve this aim the centre will emphasis and focus on the following areas:
  • Analysing public policies and their implementation in the field of environmental law.
  • To collaborate with the different stakeholders for research and environment awareness.
  • To promote, support and assist education and personal training program designed to enhance environmental information processing and utilization capabilities.
  • To coordinate with students and faculty participation in the environmental studies program that has connected and collaborative learning as a central goal.
  • Along with research activities, the centre proposes to conduct various theme based activities on Environment protection and sustainability and it will work in coordination ECO CLUB of the Institute.

The centre aims to achieve the above mentioned objectives with R.A.A.E.T. approach Implementation of objectives: An approach R.A.A.E.T.

  1. Research activities;
  2. Awareness initiatives;
  3. Advocacy for Environment protection;
  4. Environmental Education; and
  5. Training in the field


  • Centre for Environmental Law unit of NSS organised a workshop on the topic of “Revival of Indian Rivers-Reviving a lost culture” on October 20, 2019.
  • Two Day Advanced workshop on Biological Diversity Laws in India organized by UNDP in association with the Institute and NLSIU, Bengaluru at Nirma University on 29-30 March 2019
  • National seminar on Sustainable Resource Management: Legal Issues and Conservation Strategies organised by the Centre for Environmental Law on 27th October 2018.
  • Conducted International Conference on Law, Society and Sustainable Development: Problems and Prospects in 2014
  • Conducted International Moot Court Competition on the Environmental Law in the February 2014.
  • Completed Constancy project on implementation of Coastal Regulation Zone notification in Gujarat, funded by Gujarat Ecology Commission in 2014.
  • Conducted waste paper collection drive from 5th to 8th August 2015
  • Conducted field visits for the students to attend Environment Public Hearing session as part of Environment Impact Assessment process, in collaboration with NGO-Parayavaran Mitra

Proposed activities for 2019-20

  • Publication of Journal
  • Students’ conference in February 2020
  • Workshops for the student
  • Field visits for the students to attend Environment Public hearing
  • Advocacy for Environment Protection
  • Analysis of the present law and policy for Environment Protection
  • Monthly Newsletter

In collaboration with different stake holders, the Centre focuses on the following research activities:

  • Research work in collaboration with NGO Paryavaran Mitra

The Centre for Environment law and Paryavaran Mitra would make collaborative research. The following areas are identified for the said research

  • Monitoring of the working of the Ambient Air quality Monitor installed at Maninager. The research would focus on reasons responsible for the high pollution in the area
  • A critical study of E-Waste Management- The research would focus on implementation of e-waste management rules in Ahmedabad
Head Associated Head Student Members
Dr Madhuri Parikh Dr Bishwa Kallyan Dash
Mr Neeraj Kumar Gupta
Ms Swati Mawandiya
1. Shikha Tripathi
2. Pruthviraj Singh Zala
3. Nandini Goyal
4. Hritwick Purwar

Centre for Environment Law
Institute of Law, Nirma University
Sarkhej – Gandhinagar Highway,
Post : Chandlodia, Via : Gota
Ahmedabad-382 481
Ph.No: 07971652821

Centre for Child Rights Advocacy (CCRA) was established in 2016 at Institute of Law Nirma University, Ahmedabad with the broad objective of protecting and promoting the rights of the children and to strengthen the child protection schemes. As rightly said by Nelson Mandela the true character of a society is revealed in how it treats its children, the Centre for Child Rights Advocacy aims to help the children in protection of their rights with the help of research and academic activities.

Vision of CCRA
In consonance with the vision of Nirma University “Shaping a better future for mankind by developing effective and socially responsible individuals and organizations” CCRA has the vision to ensure that the future of children is shaped properly and further to ensure that there is proper implementation of existing laws on protection of children.

Mission of CCRA
To create awareness about the rights of children who are in need of care and protection and to make juvenile justice system more efficient and prompt in protecting the rights of the children.

  • To create awareness in the children about their rights
  • To suggest policies, amendments in laws with respect to juvenile justice on the basis of recommendations of UNCRC, 1989.
  • One day training programme on Effective Implementation of Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006 for Prohibition of Child Marriage Officers
  • One Day Orientation Programme for Judicial Officers on Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015

Centre for Child Rights Advocacy
Institute of Law, Nirma University
Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway,
Post : Chandlodia, Via : Gota,
Ahmedabad – 382 481.
Gujarat, India.


Centre for Energy Law, Policy and Strategy (CELPS) seeks to provide a venue for scholars and practitioners to engage with energy related law, policy and strategies through conferences, workshops, lecture series, discussion forum; and its research papers and database. It shall host symposia collaborating with eminent scholars and legal practitioners from energy sector. The Centre envisions deliberations with leading practitioners and academicians on contemporary and recent issues of energy law, policy and strategies. The Centre aims at encouraging research and publications, and focus on providing a platform for student training and professional continuing education, which would constitute a significant contribution to their career development.

Objectives of the CELPS are –

  • promote research and study of economics of energy, energy options for sustainable development oriented governance and national security strategies with a transnational and global perspective.
  • guide students towards specialised study and research of issues impacting energy policy formulation, legal regulation, governance and national security considerations in the context of emerging national scenario and international trends.
  • conduct academic programmes on the electricity laws and provide legal training and support to the industry and profession.
  • offer a forum to bring together the economists, academicians, practitioners, regulators and policy makers.
  • provide a platform for students to interact with experts in the field and to avail the opportunities in this significant niche field of law as well as niche in niche areas therein.
  • be a think tank for critical analysis of the trends and developments in the institutional, legal  regulatory framework and national security strategies for India, and new comer and developing countries.

Activities of CELPS include –

  • research projects to help students have a deeper understanding of the subject.
  • organising special expert lectures, panel discussions, group discussions, seminars, workshops and other similar activities in energy law and its intersection with other branches of law to create and promote an atmosphere of learning among students.
  • review the existing national legislation (including subordinate legislation) and understand the different interpretations of such law in different jurisdictions.
  • Journal of Energy Law, Policy and Strategy (JELPS) carrying articles/research papers from scholars and students.

Prof.(Dr.) J. Kumar
Head of the Centre for Energy Law, Policy and Strategy
Phone: 079-71652821

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