Inaugural Ceremony Connaissance 10.0 Annual Literary and Cultural Fest

Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad organized the inaugural ceremony of 10th annual Literary and Cultural Fest, Connaissance on 29th April, 2022. Padma Shri Sitanshu Yashaschandra Mehta, Gujarati language poet and playwright graced the occasion with his esteemed presence as the Chief Guest. Shri K K Patel, Vice President- Nirma University and Dr. Anup K Singh, Director General-Nirma University were the dignitaries at the event.

Padma Shri Sitanshu Yashaschandra Mehta, in his keynote address spoke about the aesthetic and social interventions that literature has been making since time immemorial. Shedding their egoistic authority and desire for power, writers can interpret life-worlds in a variety of ways and with such rich experiential nuances. Alluding to the works of Milan Kundera, Narsi Mehta, Wislawa Szymborska and Alfred Tennyson, Professor Yashaschandra demonstrated what literature is capable of doing while representing diverse lives and times through different genres. Being a poet, playwright and interpreter of his contemporary times, Professor Yashaschandra’s insights had a firm foundation on his convictions about modes of interrogations that a writer makes in his ruminations and expressions. The students and faculty received many perspectives to ponder upon during the lecture and the discussions that ensued from the lecture.
Earlier Dr. Madhuri Parikh, Director and Dean – Institute of Law, Nirma University delivered the welcome address. She stated that the institute is marking 10th year of its annual Literary and Cultural Fest, Connaissance 10.0. As a University, we are celebrating two decades of establishment. Connaissance personifies the zest for the love of knowledge, culture, traditions, art and literature. Through these years, it has managed to garner the respect, recognition and witness the participation of students and dignitaries from across the country. This year too, we are dedicated towards appreciating the varied forms of artistic expression and aim to rekindle the spirit of art, culture and literature among the enthusiasts in the contemporary times, she added.

Dr. Kunal Kishore, Assistant Professor was the anchor at the event. Dr. Vikash Upadhyaya delivered the vote of thanks.

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