Equal Opportunity Cell

Indian Society has rich diversity in terms of religion, caste and culture which is characterized by social division and this may lead to inequalities and create barriers to access the important resources to disadvantaged section of the society. These sections include Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes, other backward classes, women, minorities and differently abled persons. Education is an important instrument of social control which enriches human life. materially as well as culturally.

Education at grassroots level means freedom from ignorance which leads to freedom from exploitation and oppression. In this way, education is an important resource which must be distributed equally in terms of opportunities as its acquisition opens up other material resources such as wealth, status and excellence. So it-is rightly desirable to make education system inclusive and should be responsive to the needs and constraint of the disadvantaged social groups.

To cater this larger goal, Equal Opportunity Cell is set up under the aegis of Nirma University.

Functions of Equal Opportunity Cell:

  • To create a socially congenial atmosphere for academic interaction and for the growth of healthy interpersonal relationships among the students coming from various social backgrounds.
  • To make efforts to sensitize the academic community regarding the problems associated with social exclusion as well as aspirations of the marginalized communities.
  • To help individuals or a group of students belonging to the disadvantaged section of society to contain the problems related to discrimination.
  • To look into the grievances of the weaker section of society and suggest amicable solution to their problems.
  • To disseminate the information related to schemes and programmes for the welfare of the socially weaker section as’well as notifications/memoranda, office orders of the government, or other related agencies/organizations issued from time to time.
  • To prepare barrier free formalities/procedures for registration of students belonging to the disadvantaged groups of society for various programmes in respective semester/terms as per University rules. (subject to the norms applicable to the respective programmes)

List of Committee Members

Name Designation Member
Dr Madhuri Parikh Head of Institute Chairman
Dr Anandkumar Shindhe Head of Department Member
Dr Arun Prasad Head of Department Member
Dr Jitendra Kumar Head, PG Programme Member
Dr Shalini S Assistant Professor Member
Ms Swati Mawandiya Assistant Professor Coordinator Students Activities
Dr Mukti Jaiswal Assistant Professor Advisor, Member Secretary
Mr Ramesh Nambishan I/c Assistant Registrar Member

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