Alternate Dispute Resolution Committee

The justice delivery system in India has come under great stress due to several reasons. At the same time ,due to the impact of globalisation, there is a rapid increase in disputes amongst the parties which require speedy and effective resolution which the adversarial system has failed to deliver. In this context, dispute resolution through arbitration, mediation, Lok-Adalats & negotiation is seen as more effective, less time consuming and hassle-free alternate form of dispute resolution in India. Considering its significance, the Institute has set up the Centre on Alternative Dispute Resolution to enhance knowledge, understanding and scope of Alternate Dispute Resolution and to create awareness of it as part of justice delivery system; to equip the students and other professional with practical aspect of arbitration, mediation and its other mechanisms to take up an independent career in this field.

The institute conducts Intramurals, Client Counseling and Mediation and Negotiation Segment. The primary mission of the committee is two-fold. Concerning mediation, the focus is to teach students that disputes can be amicably resolved through compromise and negotiation. For Client Counseling, the focus is to equip the students with interviewing and analytical skills in the lawyer-client relationship in the office.

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