Moot Court Committee

An activity that is specific to law schools, mooting helps in the overall development of an individual as a good and proficient lawyer. The purpose of mooting is not only restricted to honing and polishing of the research acumen and oratory skills as a budding lawyer, but virtues like hard work, dedication, teamwork, and determination are also imbibed in due course of time. Mooting also helps an individual build his confidence in communication and share one’s perspective with the audience. It gives the practical implication and knowledge to the students as they learn that law in theory and law in practice could not be more different. Finally, it also helps an individual to connect and socialize with so many people across the globe. The Moot Court Committee along with our team of mentors burning the midnight oil and guiding the teams, leaves no stone unturned to ensure maximum participation and unwavering dedication towards mooting.

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