Sports Committee

Sports, simultaneously strokes the embers of competitiveness and unity among the students. It is one of the strange phenomena wherein people come together whilst supporting different teams and players. Everyone who is a part of a game, irrespective of their position in the bigger picture- a player, a referee/umpire, a spectator, a cameraman or a zealot perched on a tree on the lookout for a ball to come swooshing from the ground- are in that moment, engulfed with similar emotions. Perhaps this makes sports a social virtue. Sports Committee has been providing the students with enough opportunities to inculcate in them discipline and teamwork. The Sports Committee has conducted various events throughout the semester like Orientation Day Interaction Cricket Match between faculty and 1st-year student, Fresher’s Cup, Vidhwans- Football League, Hunkaar- cricket league and the Inter institute Basketball Championship and many more events.

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