Swarnabh Dutta

We were a team of four who won the National rounds for the 5th Frankfurt Investment Arbitration MCC, 2011 at Amarchand Mangaldas, New Delhi, and we were the top team from India to proceed for Arbitration to be held at the Goethe Universitat, Germany. One of the most memorable achievements of my life and the reason behind it was the amount of work that we did continuously, the sleepless nights that were spent just to get one paragraph written and the unending toiling to get the memorial in shape. And then finally, when it all turned out to our advantage, it was just splendid to witness that all our efforts were worth it. Such satisfaction.

Sitting here at my desk, it takes me back to the very time when I first set my foot at the Institute of Law, Nirma University, 7 years ago and there aren’t words that can describe the gratitude that I feel towards this Institute. Be it from being a student in the class, to being a master of ceremony; from participating in the moots and representing the Institute at the national and international levels, to becoming the first President of the Student body; it was all a blessing from the Institute and with the immense confidence of Prof. Dr. Purvi Pokhariyal in me. And that is how much I value my Institute. It helped me stand where I am and made me who I am. Take it this way, you always need popcorn/nachos while watching a movie, you always need a dessert when you go out for a meal, and that’s how the Institute taught me the relation between academics and extracurricular activities. Both of them are very essential to build one’s persona and to learn how to take on new challenges with the most effective solutions. It’s always a matter of prioritization that plays a very crucial role. And not everyone has a similar perspective about this. The Institute made me fall in love with both, academics and the extracurricular activities.

I owe everything that I have today on my CV and as an individual, to the Institute. And it’s not just the name but all the people behind that name who I have to thank and feel obligated towards. We were the second batch of law after the Institute was established and we were the ones who had a plethora of opportunities ahead of us. The rigorous course structure followed at the Institute enabled me as a student to constantly undertake research and to explore the new dimensions to an impugned law that affected us as a society and individuals. It led me to question every norm that we follow and the rationale behind doing so. In a span of 5 years of my academic life, I was able to manage multiple internships which ranged from working with an NGO at the grassroot level in Rajasthan to the Human Rights Watch at the international arena, and including several law firms and senior advocates in India. And how has the Institute helped me? Massively. Now I know how to talk to and deal with the top lot of advocates, how to work under the most stressful conditions and, even how to survive those times when you have nothing to do but just kill your time in an empty office filled with files. And this is how the internship opportunities provided by the Institute molded me and that’s one lesson that I have learned; how to get the work done efficiently and expeditiously, and to survive in the lowest and the highest of pressure working environments.

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