BA LLB (Hons)

The Institute of Law envisions academic excellence which enables individuals to hone their skills with a sense of social responsibility and leadership. Ethics, value orientation with a keen understanding of contemporary challenges and being the best in one’s capacity are integral part of the learning environment at the Institute.This foundation is achieved by our undergraduate programmes; which are offered in two streams BA, LLB (Hons), BCom, LLB (Hons)

This five-year integrated programme, spread over ten semesters, is approved by the Bar Council of India.

Graduates of five-year integrated law degree programme will

  • Be able to integrate theory, doctrine and practice
  • Have quest for research and inquiry
  • Be able to develop ethical, social and professional understanding
  • Have sense of commitment for scholarly engagement and societal reform
  • Ensure professional preparation
  • Enhance research skills and ensure professional approach

At the end of the programme, student will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of law, its processes, procedures and relevant application in the legal world
  • Develop subject knowledge and functional skills
  • Demonstrate adequate legal skills
  • Conduct legal research using analytical and critical thinking
  • Develop awareness about the socioeconomic, political and the cultural environment and become a socially responsible citizen
  • Develop a global perspective towards various legal issues
  • Develop ethical reasoning and professional behavior
  • Core knowledge and understanding of law
  • Critical thinking and logical reasoning skills
  • Professional Skill
  • Self efficiency
  • Self-reflection and lifelong learning skills
SEM- I Courses Credit
1 English I (Communication) 4
2 Law of Tort including Consumer Protection Laws and M.V. Act 4
3 Legal Method 4
4 Principles of Economics 4
5 Political Science : An Introduction 4
6 Sociology : An Introduction 4
Course Name Credit
Banking and Negotiable Instrument Act 4
Land Law including Tenure & Tenancy System 4
Gender Justice and Feminist Jurisprudence 4
Private International Law 4
International Commercial Arbitration 4
White Collar Crime 4
Competition Law 4
Law and Public Policy 4
Corporate Governance 4
Insurance Law 4
Maritime Law 4
Agrarian Reforms and Law 4
Public Interest Lawyering 4
International Banking and Finance 4
International Taxation 4
Dumping and Countervailing Duty 4
Human Rights / International Humanitarian Law 4
Theorizing India: Construction, Contestation and Critique 4
International Economic Law 4
Energy Law 4
Real Estate Law 4
Forest Law 4
Sports Law 4
Goods and Service Tax 4
Medical Law 4
Air and Space Law 4
Biotechnology and Law 4
Nanotechnology and Law 4
Health and Law 4
Forensic Science and Law 4
Right to Information 4
Law, Science and Technology 4
Law of Sea 4
Ancient Jurisprudence 4
Investment Treaty Law 4
Hermeneutics and Law 4
Mental Health Law 4
Dispute Resolution and Advanced Mediation 4
Defense and Security Law 4
Water Law 4
Law and Human Behaviour 4
Critical Thinking and Law 4
Cyber Crimes-Law Privacy and Regulation 4
Education-Planning and Process 4
Insolvency Law 4
Aviation Law 4
Statutory Interpretation 4
Trust, Equity Fiduciary Relationship 4
Legislative Drafting 4
Decolonisation and Law 4

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