The Institute prepares the inquisitive minds and sharpens their visions in multifarious methods of a robustly designed pedagogy on Justice Education which is a perfect blend of Law, Commerce, Humanities and Social Science.

Doctoral Programmes

The Faculty of Doctoral Studies and Research is the co-ordinating faculty for the PhD programmes run by the constituent institutes of the University.


“It was my honour and a great privilege to have studied at Nirma University, which has helped me in carving out my personality and made me who I am today. The professors left no stone unturned to bring out the best in us all. The university provided me with a platform to rise, learn and develop into a professional, ready to face the challenges of a competitive world.”
“As I look back at my learnings at ILNU, I realise the profound impact it had through various academic as well as co-curricular activities in shaping my professional skill-set and understanding. These 5 years at ILNU built and transformed not only my legal acumen but also other skills and values that help me build a stronger foundation for my career.”