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LL. M.

LL. M.

The LL. M. (Master of Laws) program at Institute of Law is a one-year degree program with specialisation in the relevant areas of law. The highlight of this program is the curriculum which is innovative, dynamic and befitting the needs of the profession, industry and academia. Enhance your legal expertise with the best LLM college in Ahmedabad at the Institute of Law’s LLM course. This one-year program focuses on practical skills and offers a dynamic curriculum in relevant areas of law. Discover your path to a bright legal career. This trimester programme emphasises the enhancement of practical skills and experiential learning in law professionals.


  • Constitutional and Administrative Law
  • Criminal and Security Law


  • Demonstrate subject knowledge and functional skills
  • Apply legal skills in different context
  • Relate to the socioeconomic political and the cultural environment and become a socially responsible citizen
  • Adopt a global perspective towards complex legal issues
  • Construct ethical reasoning, and professional behaviour


  • Core knowledge and understanding of law
  • Critical thinking and logical reasoning skills
  • Professional Skills
  • Ethical understanding
  • Self-reflection and lifelong learning skills


LL.M. (Criminal and Security Law) LL.M. (Constitutional and Administrative Law) Credits
Trimester – I Trimester – I
Research Methods and Legal Writing Research Methods and Legal Writing 3
Law and Justice in Globalizing world Law and Justice in Globalizing world 3
Comparative Law (Constitutional Governance in federal countries: Select Institution) Comparative Law (Constitutional Governance in federal countries: Select Institution) 3
Trimester – II Trimester – II
Criminology and Criminal Justice Administration Centre-State Relations and Constitutional Governance 2
Police Law and Administration Police and Security Administration 2
Criminal Justice and Human Rights Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles 2
Sentencing Process and Policies Administrative Law 2
Trimester – III Trimester – III
Dissertation 3
Elective Courses**

  1. Environmental Law
  2. International Humanitarian Law
  3. International Humanitarian Law
  4. National Security and Regional Co-operation
  5.  White Collar Crimes
  6. Child Rights and Protection
  7. Cyber Law
  8. Curriculum Planning and Teaching Plans Development
  9. Education Law
  10. Departmental Inquiry and Disciplinary Action
  11. Housing and Urban Development
  12. Anti-Corruption Law in India
  13. Law Relating to Narcotic Drugs

**  Student has to opt for any two courses from this list of the elective courses


* The Institute reserves the right to amend the course structure.


  • The programme is in accordance with the UGC Notification vide no. D. O. No. 5-1 / 99 (CPP-II) dated January 18, 2013.