Alaukik Shrivastava

Alaukik Shrivastava

Educational Qualification



  • Assistant Professor (Adhoc)


  • Law

General Information

  • 07971652810

  • 106, Institute of Law, Nirma University


  • He completed his LLM in Criminal and Security Laws and B.A. L.L.B (Criminal Law Hons.) from Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad. He believes in the merger of academics with practical litigation and advisory experience and constantly strives towards the pursuit of this goal. He is the faculty coordinator of Criminal Justice Clinic, ILNU. He also heads the Lawyer's Incubation Clinic. Being a moot court enthusiast, he has mentored a lot of teams of Nirma University in both National and International Moots. He also conducts mock trial exercises, sentencing hearing and jury trials in his clases. His areas of interest are Clinical Legal Education, Cyber Law, Media Law, Gaming Law and Criminal Law. He has a keen interest in movies and music and he often merges the disciplines of law and arts in his lectures.

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