Yogendra Batra

Yogendra Batra

Educational Qualification



  • Adjunct Professor


  • Law

General Information

  • 07971652815

  • Room No. 104B, Institute of Law, Nirma University


    Constitutional Law , Taxation Law Investigation


  • Prof Batra in the initial years of his career taught Economics to Graduate and Post Graduate Classes in Colleges of Meerut and Garhwal Universities (1977-84) and joined Indian Revenue Services in 1984. He worked in various capacities in the Income-tax Department including Under Secretary TPL, CBDT, Commissioner of Income tax(Appeals), Alwar and Ahmedabad. He worked as Commissioner of Income tax , Alwar and Ahmedabad, Director of Income tax (Investigation), Ahmedabad and Principal Commissioner of Income tax, Ahmedabad. He has been associated with Institute of Law, Nirma University for four years. He teaches courses on Income Tax, Goods and Services Tax and International Taxation.

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