Books to Bricks: Everything that helps you learn and grow at the Institute campus!

Learning is not just gained from the books and the library that holds them. There is more to it. Where most institutes fail is at the part of delivering an entire experience for students to learn from, grow from. That environment is ever-present at Nirma University’s Institute of Law.

The title of best law college isn’t just gained through a great curriculum or excellent teaching staff, it requires more effort. That is what the Institute understands and works on. They continuously develop their campus to enhance the learning experience and the growth of a student for the better.

How Nirma University’s Institute of Law is designed for students!

The Institute has set up a world-class campus for its students. Each aspect, building and facility that has been established at the Institute is only towards improving student life. With certain places of extracurricular interest and outside extensions, students are provided with enough room to explore their places of interest.

Some of the more prominent areas and events of interest for Law students are,

  • Moot Court Hall

While it may seem like an obvious infrastructure design to implement in a Law school, it is usually not the case in many colleges. You would be surprised to find out how rare it is for students to get regular access to Moot Court Halls to practice their theory. The engagement with teachers and the practical implementation of the laws learnt in a mock trial is essential for any student hoping to grow into a successful lawyer.

Mooting is regarded as an important activity for the growth and grooming of undergraduate law students. The activity is known to enhance skill sets such as oration, teamwork, research. But beyond all of that, it provides an invaluable and enriching experience to every student engaging in this activity.

  • Smart Class Room

Smart Class Rooms in their strict infrastructural sense were built to organise workshops, certificate courses, conferences, expert lectures and training programs for both faculty and students. While this may seem similar to the Conference Halls, they serve an entirely different and far more important purpose to student life.

Since the Smart Classrooms are smaller in capacity, they provide a more engaging discourse through asynchronous tools in imparting knowledge. Students have enough room and freedom to interact with their teachers to gain a better understanding of their educational concepts.

  • Idea Lab

Idea Lab is a unique idea that sprouted from the desire to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of the students. The lab and the subsequent committee is run in their entirety by students. All of the workshops and events are organised through coordination from students.

Idea Chaupal and Ideathon Events are events that have been organized by the Idea Lab to provide a platform for the expression of ideas from the students. Prize Money is awarded in such events to the student group with the best ideas. It is to encourage engagement from students.

  • Events beyond the Curriculum

It is important for students to interact and engage beyond the limitations of the books and curriculum. In light of that, various events and activities are organised by the Institute of Law at Nirma University to keep the students engaged and working towards intellectual, individual and social development.

Annual National Cultural – Sports Festival (VIBES), Inter-Institute Cultural-Sports festival/competitions, student participation in various prestigious national/international moot court competitions, debate competitions, conferences, workshops are all a part of student life at the Institute

  • International Engagement at the Institute

The Institute of Law, Nirma University has been organising events that provide students with a chance to engage with experts and academicians overseas. International Conferences and Seminars on the subjects of Transnational Litigation, Global Law Learning, Legal ‘Education: International Perspective’ and others are organised at the Institute.

The Institute also organises the International Teaching Month every year, which is a flagship event. This month is dedicated to internationalisation of learning. Faculties from various countries are hosted at the Institute for an entire month. This gives an opportunity to the students to interact with the international faculties on current and emerging legal issues of international relevance.

It is not just the academic stuff other events that engage students in cultural engagement and communication are prevalent at the Institute.

  • Clubs and Committees for Development

The Institute has different clubs and committees that nurture the talent and capabilities of the students through extra-curricular activities. The objective of club and committee activities is to promote leadership and engagement skills through practice and freedom.

Moot Court Committee, Debate Society, Alternate Dispute Resolution Committee, Literary Committee and Axiom & Newsletter Committee are among many committees that students lead and organise for their individualistic development.

The Institute is known for its Law education but that is just the surface. Their efforts towards other activities in the interest of students have been well received. It is reflected in their status as one of the best universities in India.

For every student who desires a life-changing experience not just from education but also from their college life, Nirma University’s Institute of Law is the right choice for you!

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