International Virtual Conference On International Humanitarian Law And Refugee Laws – Ninth Edition

Centre for International Humanitarian Law & Human Rights Law, Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad is organizing the ninth edition of its annual flagship event – International Virtual Conference on International Humanitarian and Refugee Laws, in collaboration with International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) India on January 13, 2021.

About the Conference
The conference aims to promote discussions that reflect on the successes and challenges in the treaty implementation that have been universally ratified in the field of International Humanitarian Laws.

The last five years have witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of forcibly displaced people worldwide, and a key part of the international response has been a multilateral and multi-stakeholder effort to develop an architecture to share more equitably and predictably the burden and responsibility for hosting and supporting the world’s refugees. The conference will offer a reflective assessment of this regime-strengthening exercise – the key milestones of which have been the New York Declaration, the Global Compact on Refugees, and the first Global Refugee Forum – and assesses what has been achieved and what challenges still lie ahead. The conference will also reflect on the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, its impact on the international refugee response regime.

The conference is open to undergraduate/postgraduate students, academicians and PhD scholars. It will provide a platform for discussions and deliberations with experts, dedicated organizations and stakeholders.

The best papers will be rewarded, and the selected papers would be published in an edited volume of conference proceedings in our next conference.

Contact Details:
Faculty Co-ordinator: Ms. Anviksha Pachori

Student Co-ordinator(s):
Shubham Vijay, Phone no: +91 9571878165 [WhatsApp]
Rishika Garg, Phone no: +91 9571878165 [WhatsApp]
Anchal Jain, Phone no: +91 9571878165 [WhatsApp]


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