International Virtual Conference on Sports and Law

Have you ever witnessed the ebb and flow of the Mexican wave in a stadium? The crests and troughs of a graph charting hear beats during a game? The sheer passion that is enthused in all who watch the game even though they may not be playing it? Sport has the ability to pit one against the other but at the same time unite everyone in that unequivocal thirst for a good game, a fair game. From a mere source of entertainment and personal recreation, sports has grown into a highly competitive industry with global pervasiveness. It is one of the largest revenue generating industries in the world comprising 3% of the world trade. It has also metamorphosed into an important and inevitable political and social activity. Hence, it is an appropriate moment to analyze the need for lucid legal provisions pertaining to sports in India.

There are laws and regulation on sports in number of countries and even the united Nations (hereinafter to as the ‘UN’) has framed conventions related to physical education, sports, countering doping and discrimination in sports. In view of this, India has a long way to go as it does not have a comprehensive law to deal with issues arising out of various sports. There is a need to look at sports not as a frivolous means to enjoy oneself, but as the golden ticket for the Indian economy and an industry that promises great dividends for players and administrators alike. Also, there is a need to utilize the youth in uplifting sports in the country and the enthusiasm of the masses for it can be channelized in an optimum manner to involve them in running sports in country. Sports Law is not a concept that has just begun its march towards prominence. It started gaining momentum with the commercialization of sports.
Thus, it is an effort on behalf of the Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad to bring before the legal academia the matters associated with the niche domain and put forth the experts from all across the globe in the field of Sports and Law to one platform for a fruitful legal academic discourse.

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