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The Institute has different Clubs/Committees/Society to nurture talent and capabilities in extra-curricular activities among the students. The objective of the activities is to promote and support students to propagate and contribute to various activities held at the Institute. Students take the responsibility to plan, organize, conduct, and review the events. This culture inculcates the spirit of teamwork and leadership amongst the students.

The justice delivery system in India has come under great stress due to several reasons. At the same time ,due to the impact of globalisation, there is a rapid increase in disputes amongst the parties which require speedy and effective resolution which the adversarial system has failed to deliver. In this context, dispute resolution through arbitration, mediation, Lok-Adalats & negotiation is seen as more effective, less time consuming and hassle-free alternate form of dispute resolution in India. Considering its significance, the Institute has set up the Centre on Alternative Dispute Resolution to enhance knowledge, understanding and scope of Alternate Dispute Resolution and to create awareness of it as part of justice delivery system; to equip the students and other professional with practical aspect of arbitration, mediation and its other mechanisms to take up an independent career in this field.

The institute conducts Intramurals, Client Counseling and Mediation and Negotiation Segment. The primary mission of the committee is two-fold. Concerning mediation, the focus is to teach students that disputes can be amicably resolved through compromise and negotiation. For Client Counseling, the focus is to equip the students with interviewing and analytical skills in the lawyer-client relationship in the office.

Connaissance is the Annual Literary and Debating Festival organised at Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad. What began as a student initiative to inculcate among the young masses a spirit of literary enthusiasm; has now become a mission not only to highlight the importance of literature but also to successfully put forth a platform for the youth to develop new ideas, beyond a literary sense. Connaissance has been envisaged to put forth ideas, which are not only literal but also in metaphoric forms such as art. Connaissance is a matter of pride for the Institute of Law family since here we envision a wide range of events packed into three days of celebration. Over the years, we have been witnessing participation pan India in a wide range of workshops and competitions to choose to partake in. Within a span of nine years, Connaissance has created for itself a niche among the top literary fest across the country.

The Dance Committee at the Institute is one of the newest members in the Institute. The Dance Committee aims to bring people who have the zeal to express themselves through this form of art. With law comes hectic and stressful schedule and the committee wishes to create a free and happy zone for the students. Dance Committee is open for faculty and staff as well.

The Debate Society of the Institute is a rich platform for discourse and deliberation on various contemporary ideas for anyone who is curious and is willing to learn beyond the scope of a classroom. The combination of practice sessions, workshops and participation in tournaments in various cities gives students ample exposure to develop their personality. Along with providing an atmosphere for analytical and logical thinking, society also acts as a support system for its members. With the help of experienced in-house debates and special sessions by experts in the field, the society nurtures the intellect of the students and shapes them into an aware and confident individuals.

Its main objective is to enhance the literary skills of students, to bring to light the hidden talents among the students and conduct various literary events providing a platform for the students to come up with their not so known skills. Literary committee of Institute of Law Nirma University works with SWB cultural and Connaissance to organise different events and workshop to enhance those skills.

Media Committee develops the relationship of Institute to the outside world. Media Committee remains in constant touch of television, print, and online media platforms to communicate people outside regarding the constantly organised conferences, events, seminars and workshops at the campus. It has its vision of maximum reach and to fulfill that it has dedicated team working 24/7 for the quality content that enriches the knowledge of people. With the students bearing the role of inside campus reporters every achievement, event and activity get reported to the outside world. We also handle the official social platforms of college like the official page of the Institute of Law on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The PR committee always remains thankful to its supporters in television media like Abp Live & Zee, in print media such as Indian Express, DNA, Rajasthan Patrika, Gujarat Samachar, Nav Gujarat Samay, Sandesh, Divya Bhaskar and many more, and online media platforms such as Live Law, Lawctopus, Bar & Bench, Legal Desire and many more.

An activity that is specific to law schools, mooting helps in the overall development of an individual as a good and proficient lawyer. The purpose of mooting is not only restricted to honing and polishing of the research acumen and oratory skills as a budding lawyer, but virtues like hard work, dedication, teamwork, and determination are also imbibed in due course of time. Mooting also helps an individual build his confidence in communication and share one’s perspective with the audience. It gives the practical implication and knowledge to the students as they learn that law in theory and law in practice could not be more different. Finally, it also helps an individual to connect and socialize with so many people across the globe. The Moot Court Committee along with our team of mentors burning the midnight oil and guiding the teams, leaves no stone unturned to ensure maximum participation and unwavering dedication towards mooting.

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Model United Nations is an authentic simulation of the UN General Assembly, UN Security Council, or other multilateral bodies, which introduces students to the world of diplomacy, negotiation, and decision making. As MUN committee, we encourage and guide students to participate in these events. At Model UN, students step into the shoes of ambassadors of countries that are members of the UN, from Argentina to Zimbabwe. The committee has the responsibility to organise and encourage students to participate in different MUN’s throughout the country.

Music Committee is one of the pioneer committee of the Institute of Law, which was started in the year 2012. Over the years it has been able to touch the hearts of the Institute fraternity with the mesmerising performances. From Sitar to Ghatam, from guitar to tabla, the committee is blessed to have people who have detailed knowledge about these instruments. The Committee has also partnered with outside NGO s like SEWA Café and FAITH with a mission to spread the message of humanity with the help of music.

The Music Committee aims to promote the culture of music inside the at the institute and provide a stage for the students interested in the art to showcase their talents. The Committee also aims to organise multiple events for the same and bring inter-institute harmony in the University. The Committee also aims to propagate music as a recreational activity for students and provide the musical talent of the institute a platform to showcase their talents and organise sessions to create awareness about Indian classical & Folk music among the students.

Tangerine is one of the most celebrated events of the academic year among the students which is organised by the Music committee of the Institute of Law, Nirma University.

NPD committee works along with Debate society and Connaissance to organise its annual Parliamentary debate in the annual literature fest, Connaissance.

The Newsletter Committee looks forward to spreading the events and achievements of Institute of Law, Nirma University, Faculty and Students. The committee believes that it is important to know about each of us working at the Institute of Law and in this pursuit we work on reporting every event linked with our Institute. Students with good inter-personal skills, reporting and writing skills are involved in this committee to make every moment at the institute a memory.

The official Photography committee has been designated to capture the life at Institute of law. It is a group of young budding photographers who not only click moments on and off-campus, but also conduct workshops for amateurs of photography and provide them with an avenue to pursue their interest and capture the beauty of the campus and city through their lenses.

Knowledge is power, information is liberating and education is the premise of progress in every society. With the same motto, the Quiz Committee at the Institute strives to keep students updated with all the happenings around the world with the element of fun added to it through Quiz. Throughout the year, various quizzes on different topics of general knowledge are conducted to keep students attracted towards reading and knowing many unknown things in this vast world full of new facts and figures. The Committee conducts National Quiz Competition, Inter-Semester Quizzes, Constitutional Day Quiz, Hindi Diwas Quiz, Practice Session Quizzes to name a few. The Committee also aids students with an Instagram and Facebook page with routine updates of new facts and news on them.

Sports, simultaneously strokes the embers of competitiveness and unity among the students. It is one of the strange phenomena wherein people come together whilst supporting different teams and players. Everyone who is a part of a game, irrespective of their position in the bigger picture- a player, a referee/umpire, a spectator, a cameraman or a zealot perched on a tree on the lookout for a ball to come swooshing from the ground- are in that moment, engulfed with similar emotions. Perhaps this makes sports a social virtue. Sports Committee has been providing the students with enough opportunities to inculcate in them discipline and teamwork. The Sports Committee has conducted various events throughout the semester like Orientation Day Interaction Cricket Match between faculty and 1st-year student, Fresher’s Cup, Vidhwans- Football League, Hunkaar- cricket league and the Inter institute Basketball Championship and many more events.

The Theatre Committee – Pratibimb believes in the potential of bringing change in the society through art and its forms. The Theatre Committee performs proscenium theatre and street plays highlighting the burning issues and harnessing the art of sarcasm and humor. The students are encouraged to pursue theatre as an additional activity to explore the potentials and encourage the art of dramatics. The Committee conducts workshops, story-telling and cultivates the culture of reading plays from different literature. An artist strives to find peace and the stage in the form of temple where one finds freedom to be someone other than what an individual is. The institute conducts various theatrical events which lets the students to reach their potential up to optimum level. We are on a constant urge to explore various forms of theatre at the institute.