Know What a Degree in Law Holds for You!

Seeking a career in a field where daily millions put in their faith for justice, equality and what not is a prestigious thing to do. The study of law and the judicial system opens the door to immensely interesting career opportunities. Whether you chose to work as a judge or in the Law ministry or work as an independent lawyer, you get innumerable options at your feet.

A law degree is precious in the sense that it holds a key position in public space. From leading disputes in the courtroom to understand corporate policies, the law is a field of mighty substance.

Career Opportunities
A law degree enables you to pursue endless and most creative career opportunities. With the incursion of law in the corporate sector, law graduates can seek corporate law jobs. Other than that, graduates can always practice individually, giving them the freedom to work for themselves.

Here is a list of some good career opportunities in law:

Other than the most common litigation processes of civil and criminal matters, litigation provides an array of work options in private as well as public corporations. If you choose to specialize in a particular law field like taxation, parliamentary affairs, public affairs, etc. you open the gates to more appealing work opportunities which gives you the exposure to public issues and allow you to be part of the decision making process.

Corporate Lawyer
With the rise of corporate law in India, the demand for legal professionals has been rising. Understanding the legal circles of the corporate machinery and working with multinational companies allows experiencing the finest law practices. When you choose to pursue the career in the field of corporate law you contribute by becoming an important link in the chain of the nation’s development.

Legal Journalism
As the pillars of a democracy, media, and judiciary work hand in hand. A law graduate can explore legal journalism as a career. Working from a legal angle with the media and exploring the hindrances in the system is an exciting career to pursue!

Specialisations in Law
With the vast exposure of law in India, it is impacting every field of work. This allows different law specialisations in various fields that offer appealing work opportunities. Some are as follows…

Civil and Public laws
This field of law combats disputes related to the rights of the general masses. These rights include fundamental rights and duties, property disputes, etc. Leading a battle in civil and public matters exposes you to opportunities where you can work for the good of the populace.

Criminal Law
One of the oldest and the most practiced fields of law in the world, criminal law deals with cases where certain behaviours are deemed criminal behaviour and prescribes punishments. As a criminal lawyer, generally, your career would begin under a senior lawyer of the court. After gaining some experience of the criminal matters under the judicial system, you can lead criminal cases for your clients.

Corporate and Cyber law
As corporates keep expanding their businesses, the need for legal professionals grows. As a corporate lawyer, you would be expected to handle the legal issues, paperwork, and dealing with disputes of international standards of the company.

On the other side, we have the internet which has laid the foundation of cyber law. A cyber law expert deals with exploring the deep nets of the world wide web and unearthing and solving cases of international exposure.

Opportunities in research and litigation
Research and litigation are two crucial elements of the law. In judicial circles, research and litigation play an important role. From looking deep into various laws and their challenges, possibilities to filing lawsuits and finally bringing them in the courtroom to enforce a particular law, research and litigation offer endless working prospects.

If you seek a career in law, at every stage and aspect of a case, you would encounter research. On the other side, with possible solutions to a problem, your research ends with filing a lawsuit that involves the practice of litigation.

List of law firms
In a country as vast and diverse as India, law firms exist in every state, city, and town. Choosing to work for a law firm becomes challenging as it involves factors such as financial aspects, the field of expertise, etc.

Below are some of the established law firms:

  • Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A Shroff & Co.
  • AZB & Partners
  • Khaitan & CO
  • Luthra & Luthra Law Offices
  • J Sagar Associates
  • Economic Laws Practice

Best states and cities to practice
The heart of the judicial and administrative system of India exists in Delhi. As the national capital, practising in Delhi and its surrounding areas provide much better exposure.

Other cities where you can practice law are Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkatta, Srinagar, Bhopal, Bengaluru, Chennai, Jaipur, etc. Law firms in these cities offer internship opportunities to students. After the completion of the internship, selective candidates are offered full-time jobs.

If you choose to practice law individually, these cities offer good opportunities. With vibrant and socially mixed societies, cities are much preferred destinations for your law practice.

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