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Alternate Dispute Resolution

Alternate Dispute Resolution


The editorial board has decided that the Centre for Alternate Dispute Resolution shall publish papers on the theme of:

  • Arbitration and its growing importance in the legal system
  • International Commercial Arbitration and its growing significance
  • International investment arbitration
  • Confidentiality and transparency in International Commercial Arbitration
  • The need to develop a legislation on Mediation in India

Specific theme based special issues may also be published

In general, the journal will include

  • Research articles
  • Review paper
  • Book reviews
  • Short communications
  • Case studies

Invited papers from renowned researchers

The Journal of Centre for Alternate Dispute Resolution published by Institute of Law, Nirma University shall have specific objectives:

  1. To promote the activities of research in the domain of Arbitration and Alternate dispute resolution.
  2. To provide platform to the researcher/ research scholars/ faculty members to share the findings of their research with the global community.
  3. To contribute in generation and dissemination of new knowledge.

Constitution of Editorial Board

Mr William Fox
Former Dean and Professor of Law,
Columbus School of Law, The Catholic School of America, Washington, USA
Ms Crina Baltag
Senior Lecturer in Law, Director of Research in Law (acting), University of Bedfordshire, London
Mr Ylli Dautaj
Edinburgh, Stockholm
Dr G. V. Rao
Associate Professor
Institute of Law, Nirma University
Ms Nikita Koradia
Assistant Professor
Institute of Law, Nirma University
Ms Anubhuti Dungdung
Assistant Professor
Institute of Law, Nirma University

➢ COVERING LETTER- All submissions must be accompanied by a covering letter stating the title, author’s full name, university and year of study and the author’s contact details. Only the covering letter should contain the above mentioned details and not the manuscript.
➢ Submissions must be in MS Word.

  • MAIN TEXT – Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 spacing, justified, with a margin left 1.5 inch and right 1.0 inch, top 1 inch and bottom 1 inch. The first line of the paragraph is not to be indented.
  • FOOT NOTES – Times New Roman, font size 10. Substantive foot notes are accepted.

➢CITATION-The Bluebook: A Uniform Method of Citation, 20th Edition shall be strictly adhered to.
➢REFERENCES- The style of referencing should be as follows:
BOOKS: Robbins, Stephen P, and Coulter, Mary (2011). Law, New Delhi: Pearson Education.
PAPERS IN JOURNAL: McGRegor, D (1957), “Uneasy Look at Performance Appraisal,
Harvard Business Review, 35 (1) 89-94.
➢LENGTH OF THE PAPER/ARTICLES/CASE STUDIES: The length of the paper including tables, diagrams, illustrations, etc, should not exceed 6000 words. Short Communications, book reviews, case studies/executive experience sharing, etc. should not exceed 4000 words; however, the Editorial Board reserves the right to make changes to this condition.

All tables, charts, graphs, figures etc. should be kept to the minimum. They should be given on separate sheets with sources indicated at the bottom.
➢ABSTRACT – The typescript should be accompanied by an abstract in about 200 words along with a declaration that the paper has not been published or sent for publication elsewhere.
A soft copy of the transcript in PC compatible MS Word document format should be emailed to the editor at:

The Editor in Chief,
Journal of Centre for Alternate Dispute Resolution,
Institute of Law,
Nirma University
S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad 382 481, Gujarat, India. Email:

The Editorial Board,
Journal of ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________
Institute of Law, Nirma University
Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway,
Ahmedabad- 382481
Phone No. 07971652803

Subject: Assignment of Copyright.


I __________________________________________________ author of the paper titled ______________________________________________________________ do hereby authorize you to publish the above (subject to the peer review board’s decision) said paper in the Journal of Centre for _____________________ Vol._______ issue __ further state that:

  1. The paper is my original contribution. They do not infringe on the rights of the others and do not contain libellous or unlawful statements.
  2. The work has been submitted only to the Journal of Centre for _________________ and has previously not been published or used in another publication.
  3. I do hereby authorize you to edit, alter, modify and make changes in the submission and the process of preparing the manuscript to make it suitable for publication.
  4. I hereby assign all the copyrights relating to the said submission to the Journal of Centre for ____________________
  5. I have not assigned any kind of right of the above said submission to any other person/publication/institution/
  6. I agree to indemnify the Journal of Centre for _________________, Ahmedabad, against any claim or action alleging fact, which, if true, constitute a breach of the foregoing warrants.




Date:  ______________.

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.