Artificial Intelligence and Law

The Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Law shall be dedicated to building a multi-disciplinary platform which can assimilate knowledge among the different streams of an educational institution. It shall work in accordance with the vision of bringing advanced future prospects for the students in the field of Artificial intelligence.

The centre strives to:

  • To come with a unique initiative for academic research on the Subject Matter for the first time in India.
  • Encourage and undertake high-quality research related to various dimensions of AI which includes collaborative and multidisciplinary research.
  • To disseminate knowledge and awareness amongst the students, where they can enhance their interest in the respective field.
  • PAIPR (Protection of AI under IPR)
  • P-PAI (Privacy and its Protection in AI)
  • CAB (Control AI Biasness)
  • ELIOS (Ethics, Liability, Identity and Ownership Study)
Name Designation
Dr. Bishwa Kallyan Dash Head
Shalini Mishra Student Member
Shivani Doshi Student Member
Simran Kaplish Student Member
Aviral Shrivastava Student Member
Shubham Tejas Student Member
Samiha Yadav Student Member
Paridhi Galundia Student Member
Name Designation
Ms. Anushka Jain Member
Mr. Dhruv Grover Member
Mr Vatsalya Vishal Member
Ms Jharna Sahijwani Member
Ms Sanjini Jain Research Team Member
Ms Richa Diwedi Research Team Member
Ms Bhoomika Kalley Research Team Member
Ms Ketki Jha Research Team Member
Ms. Alakananda D Research Team Member
Ms Disha Patwa Research Team Member
Mr Aklovya Panwar Research Team Member

Center for Artificial Intelligence Law
Institute of Law, Nirma University,
S.G. Highway, Chharodi,
Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
India. PIN: 382481.

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