Corporate Law Studies

The Centre for Corporate Law Studies is an initiative of the Institute aimed at institutionalizing and channelizing research on corporate and business-related aspects that take place nationally as well as globally. The Centre looks to give a necessary impetus by inculcating an outlook amongst those future corporate professionals to question the various aspects of business and its interplay with society.

The Centre’s focus of study involves the wide ranging contemporaneous corporate law issues: which includes as major thrust area financial markets and intermediaries; the legal framework of Corporate Laws like, Company Law, Taxation, Mergers and Acquisitions, Securities Law, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code, Contract Law etc. The Centre undertakes activities including discussions and expert talks that inculcate and facilitate the students to have a thorough understanding of the corporate structure, its market, its regulatory framework etc. The students look to undertake research, engage in debates and sensitize others about the same by organizing workshops, essay competitions to voice their views as well as take up blogging with equal fervor.

In addition, the Centre publishes the Quarterly Corporate Law Bulletin and is actively involved in policy research. The Corporate Law Center also offers many opportunities, both inside the classroom and beyond, for students who are interested in business law.

The objectives of the Centre and its members are to:

  • Undertake and promote research on corporate laws & attract students of the highest caliber to the Law School’s programs and provide opportunities for their involvement in corporate law research projects.
  • To provide advice to the Institutes on the teaching of Corporate & Business laws within the Nirma University and develop and promote innovative curriculum, teaching methods and teaching materials in this field.
  • To host seminars and conferences to disseminate the results of research undertaken under the auspices of the Centre or in other programs associated with the Centre
  • To develop and promote links with academics in universities in India and in other countries who specialize in corporate law.
  • Promote close links with peak organizations  & members of the legal profession involved in corporate law and securities regulation

In the past the Centre has organized various literary events which was done with the aim of inculcating research and knowledge using various tools and techniques.

Workshops and Seminars

The centre has successfully conducted a workshop on ”Valuation, Accounting and Taxation Aspects of Mergers” in the month of September, 2019. It has planned on conduction two more workshops, one on Commercial Drafting and other on Cross-Border Mergers or Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code in the academic year 2019-2020.

Newsletter and blogs

In order to disseminate information on the latest developments happening in the field, the centre has planned to launch a monthly newsletter. It would weekly release blog posts on important recent occurrence in the said field. Moreover, as an informal source of information dissemination, an Instagram page has also been created on which, on a daily basis, crux of the important issues in the corporate and business world will be uploaded.

Name Designation
Mr Amit Kashyap Head
Varun Akar Student Member
Palak Dheer Student Member
Student Member Student Member
Khyati Sharma Student Member
Srishti Verma Student Member
Harsh Garg Student Member
Abhishek Sandwani Student Member
Chinmay Jain Student Member
Utkarsh Pandit Student Member
Tanmay Gupta Student Member
Swastik Bisariya Student Member
Khushi Sethia Student Member
Abhirakshak Rajpal Student Member
Saumya Vanwari Student Member
Mahak Agarwal Student Member
Simran Patel Student Member
Malika Tiwari Student Member
Aashna Shah Student Member
Shwetna Jain Student Member
Injila Khan Student Member
Yagn Purohit Student Member
Prerna Mayea Student Member
Ashuthosh V Student Member
Rajat Chawda Student Member


Internship Opportunities

The Centre targets at opening up internship opportunities for law students (Nirma and Non-Nirma both). The internship shall be under

  1. Professors of the Institute of Law, Nirma University
  2. Various eminent corporate lawyers with whom CCLS has associated itself.

CCLS aims at publishing a bi-monthly newsletter.

A blog which shall be updated monthly will be operated by CCLS. The inputs for the blog will firstly be covered by the members of CCLS and then the pattern would be widened gradually up till individuals comprising various students/ professors/ lawyers/ scholars.

A compilation of all the important judgements passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India till date is targeted for publishing.

Centre for Research in Corporate Law Studies
Institute of Law, Nirma University
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Post: Chandlodia, Via : Gota,
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