Intellectual Property Rights

The Centre for Intellectual Property Rights was established with the objective of enhancing the intellectual property knowledge base and research capabilities of the country in general and the student community in particular. The centre attempts to achieve these aims through a two-pronged strategy. Firstly, it attempts to disseminate information on intellectual property rights with a view to create awareness in the public in general. Secondly, it initiates research into relatively unexplored and novel areas. To create awareness of IPR so as to equip the students and other professionals with the latest developments in the field of IPR also to expand knowledge and understanding of the idea, substance and scope of Intellectual Property Rights Centre for IPR was set up in 2013. The main objective of the Centre for IPR is to become the beacon in the field of Intellectual Property Rights by encouraging development of knowledge and best practices cutting across academia, practitioners and research fraternity. Keeping this objective in mind, an IP clinic has been established at ILNU this would not only provide knowledge to students but also make them blossom into complete individuals having proper knowledge in their field of study.

  • To promote awareness on IPR among students and legal fraternity.
  • To provide a platform of discussion and activities related to IPR
  • To encourage interested students in advancing their studies towards this subject
  • To conduct training workshops for the students
  • To seek association with law firms working in India like Anand and Anand, Nanavati Associates, Y.J. Trivedi, for practical exposure of the students
  • July 24, 2020 – Panel Discussion on “Trips Waiver for Covid Vaccines: Key Aspects Related to IP”
  • August 28, 2021 – Webinar on “Scope of Personality Rights In Entertainment And Sports Industry”
  • September 25, 2021 – Panel Discussion on “Blockchain Technology And Intellectual Property Rights”
  • September 26, 2021 – Centre for IPR Foundation Day celebrations
  • Journal Publication on the topic of “Technology and IPR” – JIPL VI Issue
  • Conference on “Competition Law and IPR Interface” on April 16, 2021
  • Symposium on “Fantasy Sports and Intellectual Property Rights” on April 24, 2021
  • Symposium on “Copyright Piracy Issues In Indian Film And Entertainment Industry” in Collaboration with IPPO Ahmedabad, on May 8, 2021
  • Workshop on “Trips Waiver for Covid Vaccines: Key Aspects Related to IP” on July 24, 2021
  • Workshop on “Personality Rights in Sports and Entertainment Industry” on August 28, 2021
  • IP Vocabulary and Case Study for the General Public on CIPR Instagram Page
    In an aim to create more awareness regarding IPR matters and disseminate information to the Public at large, The Centre for IPR has taken the initiative to provide information on the Social Media Platform of Instagram. The general format is to discuss the key concepts and relevant/landmark case laws in simple, concise manner to create IP understanding. The Instagram page can be accessed here:
  • IP National and International news monthly Newsletter for IP enthusiasts, academicians, scholars and students
    The field of IPR is still evolving and every other day there is a new development or event that impacts the field at large. Hence, it becomes important to keep pace with the current happenings both in the domestic and global domain. Therefore, the centre releases Newsletters prepared on a monthly basis comprising both National and International news.
    The Newsletters can be accessed here:
  • IP monthly blog post by CIPR
    The “IP Blog” is an initiative of the Centre for Intellectual Property Right, ILNU. It is an endeavour to further the goal of the centre to promote research in range of issues concerning IPR. The blog aims to facilitate the publication of blogs and articles on a myriad of issues surrounding IPR. The purpose behind this initiative is to create an environment for knowledge, research and exchange of opinions amongst the IP enthusiasts and provide them an engaging platform to learn and engage to expand their knowledge in the exciting and rapidly evolving field of IPR. The blog site can be accessed here:
  • Minor research projects funded by Nirma University
    a) Nirma University funded minor research project on “Piracy of Copyright Content: A Case Study of the Indian Film Industry” successfully completed by Centre Heads Ms Gunjan Arora, Principal Investigator and Ms Taruna Jakhar, Co-Principal Investigator and Centre Student Coordinators Ms Amishi Sodani and Ms Ahna Agarwal.
    b) Nirma University funded minor research project on “Impact Analysis of Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999 in Gujarat: Case Study of Patan Patola and Jamnagar Bandhani” by Centre Heads Ms Taruna Jakhar, Principal Investigator and Ms Gunjan Arora, Co-Principal Investigator.
Name Designation
Mrs. Gunjan Arora Head
Ms. Taruna Jakhar Associate Head
Amishi Sodani Chairperson
Harsh Rampuria Student Member
Bharat Sharma Student Member
Sejal Dass Student Member
Jesika Somani Student Member
Mahak Agarwal Student Member
Navya Dubey Student Member
Mahek Shah Student Member
Ananya Choudhary Student Member
Priya Prajapati Student Member
Palash Thakkar Student Member
Shubhangi Sharma Student Member
Tanisha Gautam Student Member
Shreshtha Khatri Student Member
Ashi Chouksey Student Member
Devang Dwivedi Student Member
Samay Jain Student Member
Divya Karda Student Member
Payodhi Agrawal Student Member
Name Designation
Dhruv Grower IP Litigation Associate at Remfry & Sagar
Sonal Goel Associate at Remfry & Sagar
Bobby Jain Associate at Anand and Anand
Aishwarya Pande Pursuing LLM
  • Call for Papers Journal of IPR Tentatively in January for Issue VII (April 2022)
  • Call for Chapters for Edited Book (January 2022)
  • Training & Awareness Program on IPR
  • Conference on Recent Developments in the field of IPR (April 2022)
  • Intellectual Property Promotion & Outreach Foundation, IPPO Ahmedabad
  • Y.J Trivedi and Associates, an IP Firm, Ahmedabad

Centre for Intellectual Property Rights
Institute of Law, Nirma University
S. G. Highway, Ahmedabad – 382481
Gujarat – INDIA Phone: 91-079- 71652-810

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