A seminar on ‘Agrarian Reforms’

Centre for Social Justice, Institute of Law, Nirma University organized a seminar on ‘Agrarian Reforms’ on 10th October, 2019. The seminar included sessions by speakers working at the grass root level who shared their experiences and challenges faced by local communities including pastoralist and other agriculture based marginalized groups. The first speaker Mr. Titus James, currently anchoring a programme named as Revitilizing Rainfed Agricultural Network (RRAN). discussed failures of agriculture related government policies and schemes further discussed about Forest Rights Act, and Panchayati Raj Extension Act from the perspective of their application and role in the lives of farmers. It was followed by the second speaker Mr. Praveen Muchhadiya, who works with Sahjeevan Capacity Building Partner: IDAL- CSJ on draught proofing, livestock and biodiversity conservation discussed issues related to livestock and the gap between policies and field reality and further discussing about the challenges faced by pastoral communities in India due to lack of inclusive policies and proper documentation of these population. The third speaker, Mr Aditya Gujarati who works with the Centre for Social Justice, Ahmedabad discussed about the legislation related to biological diversity conservation including Biodiversity Act and CAFA. Also, Mr. Kanna Siripurapu, who is a part of RRAN talked about the importance of traditional knowledge and learnings experience of documenting the same. Lastly, Miss. Catheline Kaur from the Centre for Pastoralism discussed about problem faced by pastoral communities.

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