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A session on Art of Cross Examination

Legal Aid Clinic, Institute of Law, Nirma University organised a session on “Art of Cross Examination” for lawyers of District Bar Association, Gandhinagar on September 21, 2022. Junior Advocates of the District Bar Association had
participated in the session. The session was chaired by Shri D L Patel, Retd. Principal District Judge, who is presently associated as Clinical Professor at the Institute.

He gave various suggestions to lawyers when they cross-examine the victim or eye-witness. It is essential to put extra effort when lawyers examine the independent witness. Lawyers have to study the report of panchnama and
muddamal in depth before starting cross-examination. Expert witness have to be tackled with utmost care because it may change the scenario. Cross-examination shall be put by the defence in a specific manner and has to see that it shall not result in admission from their side. The President, Secretary and all the members of the governing body of the District Bar Association, Gandhinagar remained were also present at the session.