Awareness Session on “Electoral Roll Registration and Voter Awareness”

The Institute of Law, Nirma University organised an awareness session on Electoral Roll Registration and Voter Awareness on 4th December, 2020. (Friday) The programme was graced by the presence of Shri C A Gandhi, Additional Collector, Gujarat State as the speaker for the session.

Shri C A Gandhi stated that out of total 13% of eligible young voters in the age group (18-19), about only 0.39% are registered voters. Thus, not even 1% of the said young age group are participating in the democratic process. He stated that mainly, there are two major reasons for the same, ignorance of the procedure as to how to get themselves registered and also, their preoccupation with their studies, internships, jobs etc. proves to be a hindrance. He stated that the Election Commission has been undertaking many such awareness sessions to address the stated issues.

He stated that the technology has been playing a great role in these time of covid-19 pandemic when everything has turned online. Even the ECI had launched system of online registration which has been functional since last three years. He also shared the link wherein all the details related to the same have been provided. He discussed at length regarding  Form 6: Application for inclusion of name in Electoral Roll, Form 7: Application for objecting inclusion of name in electoral roll or seeking deletion of name from Electoral Roll and Form 8A: Application for transposition of entry from one part of electoral roll to another part of electoral roll of a constituency.

He stated that in Ahmedabad with a population of approx. 80 lakh, around 65 lakh are eligible voters. Every year they receive more than one lakh application for voter registration which need to be processed. He highlighted the wonderful task that has been initiated by ECI and discussed the provisions where even a person without the residence proof can get itself registered as voter and therefore huge efforts are being made to ensure no eligible voter is being left out the electoral roll.

Shri C. A. Gandhi has addressed issues relating to Data Safety, EVM etc. He also urged the law students attending the session to take interest in Election Laws, Model Code of Conduct and related areas.

Earlier Dr Tarkesh Molia, Associate Professor, Institute of Law, welcomed the Guest speaker for the event. He highlighted the significance of election in a democratic set up. He lauded the role played by Election Commission of India in the conduct of free and fair elections in the country. The sessions concluded with an insightful question-answer session. Dr Vikash Upadyaya, Assistant Professor, delivered the vote of thanks.

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