Colloquium on Stockholm+50 and COP27: India’s Action on Climate Change

The Centre for Environmental Law in collaboration with Model United Nations Committee, ILNU organised a 2-day colloquium on Stockholm+50 and COP27: India’s Action on Climate Change. (November 21-22, 2022). Mr Prayank Jain, Special Assistant to the CEO- Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW) and Mr. Manuj Bhardwaj, Climate Scholar, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) were the distinguished speakers at the event.

Mr. Prayank Jain highlighted that climate change and environmental destruction is a harm that is worthy of global attention and stated that Climate change is the livid and adverse reality of today. He also discussed various statutory bodies, and environmental law precedents, like the Paris Agreement, Stockholm 1972 and the historic significance they hold in the field of environmental law. He introduced the concept of climate finance to the audience and described how funding can and should be leveraged in clean technology and sustainable developments. He also established the link between climate action, jobs and security. “Climate is the social and political justice theory of the next decade”, he opined. Mr Jain laid emphasis on the impact of wage and resource disparity within and between nations, and why there is a dire need for mass cooperation among and between states, which would eventually help in creating a culture of accountable promises.

Mr. Manuj Bhardwaj shared his experiences of working for both international and domestic organisations, including the Commonwealth Secretariat and the UNFCCC. He deliberated on the impact of multilateralism on the environment and climate change. He stressed on the need for nations to take action to slow down climate change. He also highlighted the lack of funding from developed nations and 21st century diplomacy. He discussed the loss and damage fund with the CBDR-RC, or common but differentiated responsibility and respective capacities.

Earlier, Prof Dr. Madhuri Parikh, Dean and Director (I/c) Institute of Law, Nirma university delivered the welcome address at the event. Mr Abhinav Kumar, Assistant Professor, ILNU was the coordinator at the event.