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Dadhvav Village Visit

It was organised for the purpose of spreading awareness among the people about Pro Bono services and assisting those who are in need of free legal aid. Dadhvav is a village where majorly tribal community resides and it comes under the Fifth Schedule Area. The villagers were briefed about forest laws including the provisions of the Panchayats (Extension to the Scheduled Areas) Act, 1996 (PESA) and The Forest Rights Act (FRA), 2006 by Prof (Dr) Madhuri Parikh, Dean and Director (I/c, ILNU) and other faculty members – Mr Neeraj Gupta and Dr Deb Ranjan Hota. The other participants included Prof. Alaukik Srivastava, Prof. Taruna Jakhar and students- Abhyudaya Bajpai, Aakriti Mishra, Krutarth Vyas, Jitika Vijayvargi, Rahul Pandit, Abhishek Nenuji. The participants interacted with the people of the village and briefed them about the services provided by the club. They were also given details about cyber fraud and ways for prevention and remedy. People were actively participating in the conversation and took contact details of the club for future reference.

Since May 2022, the Institute of Law Nirma University is enrolled with the Nyay Bandhu Scheme of Pro Club, an initiative of the Ministry of Law and Justice, Department of Justice. The Pro Bono legal services program was launched in April 2017. An initiative of the department of justice, the program is aimed at fulfilling the department’s critical mandate of enhancing “access to justice” for marginalised sections of society and the state’s constitutional obligation of providing “free legal aid” for all. The program seeks to put in place an institutional structure that will promote Pro Bono culture in India.