Distinguished Lecture by Justice B. N. Srikrishna

Institute of Law, Nirma University, organized an expert lecture by Hon’ble Justice B N Srikrishna, former judge of Supreme Court of India. Justice Srikrishna headed the “Srikrishna Commission” that investigated causes and apportioned blame for the Bombay riots of 1992–93. He previously also served as a judge in Bombay High Court and was also the Chief Justice of Kerala High Court. The lecture began with the history and etymology of the word ‘Lynching’. He discussed its roots in American, European and African history. He  expressed in his speech how vigilantism that the country is facing is also a form of mob lynching. He then went on to explain about organized and unorganized Lynching. Justice Srikrishna also answered various questions by the students which focused on the independence of judiciary and the need of having a special law in India to prevent Mob Lynching. Finally, the thank you note was addressed by our esteemed faculty Dr Takesh Moliya.

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