Distinguished Lecture on Police Forensic Interface

Institute of Law under the aegis of Centre for Criminal Law and Justice organized a distinguished lecture on Police Forensic Interface by Shri Keshav Kumar, Director Anti-Corruption Bureau, Gujarat on 4th October, 2019. He elaborated on the importance of Forensic Science in the field of law, Forensic Science is the application of sciences such as physics, chemistry, biology, computer science and engineering to matters of law. The application of forensic science and the technology used in Forensic Science and concluded that the application of Forensic Science is more important than the technology used. The magnitude of impact created by modern technology in the field of forensic science is helpful. Forensic Science is more precise and accurate in forensic evidence than oral evidence in any case. All memories are reconstructed memory which is dynamic, malleable and volatile and can lead to injustice but with forensic evidence, the precision to serve justice is higher. Forensic Science plays a vital role in the criminal justice system by providing scientifically based information through the analysis of physical evidence.

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