Faculty Seminar Series

As part of the Faculty Seminar Series at the institute Prof. Alaukik Srivastava and Prof. Ayushi Sharma, delivered the talk on their respective themes on December 18 2020.

Prof. Alaukik Srivastava, speaking on the topic “Gaming laws in India: The need of a Comprehensive legislative framework” focused on gaming law in India and the need of a comprehensive legal framework regulating the same. He contended that there are a myriad of laws governing Gaming in India but still there are plenty of unique attributes and characteristics in the nature of Gaming in India that calls for a separate legislation in the field. Several debates were introduced and deliberated upon in the session which relates to Gaming Law in India. Further, there was a discussion regarding “Responsible Gaming Protocols” in the session.

Prof. Ayushi Sharma spoke on the topic “Deconstructing Violence against Sexual Minorities in Public and Private Spaces in India”. She highlighted through various cases that how, over the centuries, people have been castigated, and systematically executed for being ‘different’ or ‘not normal’ and history of people not conforming to the socially acceptable forms of genders and sexuality has been the same. The speaker further examined that the legal systems which are supposed to be value neutral and based on the principles of equality, liberty and dignity are in actuality entrenched with such normative ideologies marking the standards of acceptability and inclusion and Indian legal system is no exception. By citing certain legislations which addresses the concerns of violence in India, it was pointed out that how these legislations operate in binary which fails to take into account the sexual minorities and their experiences.

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