Faculty Seminar Series

As part of the Faculty Seminar Series at the Institute Prof Nikita Koradia and Prof Taruna Jakhar delivered the talk on their respective themes on January 22, 2020.

Prof. Nikita Koradia spoke on the theme: “The Effectiveness and Challenges in Regulating Big Data, Privacy with the Tool of Antitrust: An Analysis under Indian Competition Law” The Presentation spoke about the changed WhatsApp terms and conditions and how it impacts consumer welfare from the point of view of competition law as the users are left with no choice but to accept the changed terms which brought in a lot of backlash to WhatsApp because of which they delayed the implementation of it. She also talked about how data privacy could be a factor to assess competition law infringements.

Prof Taruna Jakhar spoke on the topic: “Shifting Paradigms of Copyright Law in India: A Study into the Rights and Ownership of Artificial Intelligence Created Works” This research work intends to explore the legal boundaries of copyright law in the wake of artificial intelligence (AI) technology development. The scope of the research extends to establish AI personhood as it is reflecting human-like performances in creating works, capable of holding copyright protection as per the copyright regime at international and national level. This aspect of AI presses questions with respect to AI authorship under the copyright regime of nations. The researcher looks forward to theorize AI authorship under normative standards of IP. This will lead to disagreement with the fact that only humans are worthy of holding IP protection. The research majorly focuses on two questions of who and what- with respect to AI authorship and originality debate and standard of creativity applicable to AI created works respectively.

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