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The Institute of Law, Nirma University organised the inauguration ceremony of third edition of its Model United Nations, ILNUMUN 3.0. The ceremony was graced by the presence of Shri KK Patel, Vice President- Nirma University, Dr Anup K. Singh, Director General-Nirma University and Prof (Dr) Madhuri Parikh, Dean and Director (I/c) Institute of Law, Nirma University.

Following the inauguration, the delegates embarked on their committee sessions, each dedicated to addressing specific global issues. With nine committees covering a spectrum of topics ranging from disarmament and environmental sustainability to international law and human rights, the stage was set for rigorous debate and innovative problem-solving. Guiding the delegates through this labyrinth of diplomacy were seasoned leaders like Mr Rahul Menon, Chair of UNHRC, and the chairpersons of all committees. Their expertise and mentorship provided the delegates with the necessary framework and strategy to navigate the complexities of the conference.

This event symbolises not just a gathering of minds but a convergence of intellect, passion, and dedication towards addressing the global challenges that confront us. It is a platform where young leaders come together to engage in meaningful discourse, embodying the ideals of diplomacy and collaboration. Dr. Ramdhas Perumal Assistant Professor at the Institute was the coordinator at the event.