Inauguration of Centre for Competition Law and Market Study

Centre for Competition Law and Market Study successfully initiated its working on 13th October 2019 in the august presence of the Director, ILNU and other eminent personalities from the field of competition law. It has collaborated with CIRC-CUTS, to develop robust research and study of developments in Competition law.  It conducted its first symposium as a part of their inauguration, on the topic “Big Data and Abuse of Dominance”. The symposium bore witness to Mr Bharat Budholia, former Partner – Competition Law, CAM and Mr Saurabh Mishra, Dy Director, CCI and Ms Khyati Dhuparr, Managing partner, Dhuparr Associates. The discussion at the symposium was categorically based upon the need to associate special responsibility with dominant entities in a market and regulate their use of big data; and the ethical and social responsibility vis a vis legal implications of their conduct.

The centre aims to provide a venue for scholars and practitioners to exchange views on competition law and policy through conferences, workshops, discussion forums; and its online papers and database. The Centre for Competition Law shall host Antitrust Symposium collaborating with eminent scholars and legal practitioners of Antitrust Enforcement. The Centre also envisions being home to ‘Lecture Series’ where leading practitioners and academics discuss recent issues of competition law and policy. The Centre is aimed at encouraging research and publications in the area of competition law. The Centre is focused on providing a platform to research students whose research papers would constitute a significant contribution to the field.

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