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International Conference on Corporate Law and Finance 2023

Centre for Corporate Law Studies (CCLS), Institute of Law, Nirma University organised the inaugural ceremony of the 3day International Conference on Corporate Law and Finance 2023 on November 3, 2023. The event was graced by the esteemed presence of Mr Sourabh N Soparkar, Senior Advocate, Gujarat High Court as the Chief Guest. Dr Mukul Shastry General Counsel, Cube Highways, Noida was the Keynote Speaker of the function. Dr Anup K. Singh, Director General, Nirma University presided over the function.

Mr Sourabh N Soparkar in his address stated that India’s corporate landscape has undergone significant transformations since gaining independence, reflecting the nation’s journey towards economic development. From the initial period of protectionist policies to the eventual liberalisation in the 1990s, India’s approach towards trade and commerce evolved drastically. The economic reforms of the early 1990s, often referred to as the New Economic Policy, led to a profound shift in the Indian economy, marking the country’s embrace of globalization. With the opening up of its markets, India witnessed the influx of foreign investments and the rapid growth of various sectors, including the dynamic rise of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. The BPO sector, characterized by its skilled workforce and cost-effective services, has played a pivotal role in India’s economic growth, positioning the country as a global hub for outsourcing and knowledge-based services.

Dr Mukul Shastry in his keynote address highlighted the importance of legal profession. The legal profession stands as a fundamental pillar in the developmental trajectory of any society, with legal practitioners playing a pivotal role in shaping the growth and progress of a nation. Law students, driven by an inherent sense of intuition and strategic thinking, form the backbone of the legal profession, consistently contributing to the evolution of legal frameworks and practices. Multilateral finance serves as a crucial catalyst for a nation’s progress, enabling the implementation of key developmental initiatives and infrastructure projects. Moreover, the legal service industry has witnessed a transformative impact through the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, enhancing efficiency and precision in legal processes. While AI aids in the discovery of case laws and fundamental research, it is the human capacity to interpret and contextualize information that remains indispensable in the intricate realm of legal analysis and decision-making.

Dr Anup K Singh Director General, Nirma University delivered the presidential address.

Earlier, Prof (Dr) Madhuri Parikh, Director and Dean (I/c), Institute of Law, Nirma University delivered the welcome address. Dr Amit Kumar Kashyap, Faculty Convenor, Centre for Corporate Law Studies introduced the concept note of the conference. Mr Nikunj Pandey, Student Convenor, Centre for Corporate Law Studies delivered the vote of thanks at the event.