Legal Awareness Camp

Team Mission SanghARSH has conducted a Legal Awareness Camp in village Chharodi near Nirma University, under its new campaign namely, “Know your Rights”.

A Team of 14 members visited the village on 22nd September 2019 during the morning hours and in this visit, the team spoke and made the people aware about the new traffic rules which have been implemented recently by the government. Rhea Jain and Akshat Kothari(1st year) explained the local people in the Gujarati language about the new traffic rules, revised penalties, and the required documents which they should keep with them. Along with that, the safety measures which every person should take and things that they should avoid like, rash driving, drink and drive etc. were also discussed.

Team by its new campaign “Know your Rights”, aimed at making local people of Chharodi aware of the rights and duties of a responsible citizen of the country.

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