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Nirma Alumnus part of Project on Solid Waste Management

It is a moment of great pride for Nirma University that their alumna Ms. Aaishani Kothari Batch (2017-2022) has played an important role as Legal Officer in Waste to Energy Boilers to produce steam project by Steamhouse India limited.  Steamhouse India limited is a sustainable energy supplier company wherein they supply steam to an industrial cluster by centrally installing a community boiler and supplying to industries via an overhead pipeline network. Steamhouse, by installing one boiler, replaces the use of multiple small boilers thereby saves on usage of renewables. In the due course of getting clearances, Aaishani embarked upon the first legal file with the Municipal Corporation for the company. Along with necessary paperwork, she attended meetings and presentations before the Deputy commissioner of Solid Waste Management at Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and got the project cleared for the company. She graduated from Institute of Law, Nirma University in 2022 and after her Post Graduation joined Steamhouse India Limited as a Legal Officer.