Sensitization of Laws related to Children

On the occasion of Children’s Day, the Centre for Child Rights Advocacy and Centre for Law and Governance, Institute of Law, Nirma University jointly organised a Distinguished Lecture on the theme: Sensitization of Laws related to Children. Hon’ble Justice Roshan Dalvi, Retired Judge- High Court of Bombay was the esteemed speaker at the event. Dr (Prof) Madhuri Parikh Director and Dean (I/c) was also present at the event.

Justice Dalvi highlighted that the children have rights but they are not recognised. She talked about the effects of different types of parenting upon the child, and how important it is for children to have co-operative parents. She also discussed about the settlement’s mechanisms provided to the parents and how it helps the child when the parents decide to stay together. The options of a parenting plan, counselling and compensation is also available in certain cases. On the criminal side, she expressed concern over the instances of child sexual abuse. She also talked about the problems that judges often face during their delivery of justice, such as lack of evidence etc.
Ms. Smriti Tanvani, Assistant Professor at the Institute delivered the vote of thanks.