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Lawyers Incubation Clinic

Lawyers Incubation Clinic

The Institute of Law adheres to the principle of outcome based education which means that after the completion of the programme, the students should have achieved the desired outcome. In line of this principle, Lawyer Incubation Clinic has been formed at the Institute. It will be developed as a platform to mentor students who want to make a career in litigation. It provides the best of the resources and infrastructure to the students which help students to choose correct career options.

Its studies and identifies the interest, aptitude, inclination and aspirations of the students and provides them with proper counseling. Based on the career choices of the students special training is imparted to enhance their competencies in respective areas of their interests.

Mr Abhas Srivastava
Co-Head, Lawyers Incubation Clinic

Om Shah (Chairperson) – +919664534638
Vansh Agarwal (Secretary) – +917073467264
Ankit Rajput (Joint Secretary) – +919412831277

Activities Conducted

Session on Forum Specific Litigation Strategies

The session on “Forum Specific Litigation Strategies”, held on October 7,2023, provided valuable insights into the diverse landscape of legal forums in India and the strategies the students should consider when choosing their areas of practice. It offered a window into the complexities of the different forums. The session was conducted by Mr Aditya Pandya, an advocate practicing at Gujarat High Court, with an extensive experience in the field of law.

Session on Cyber Security, Cyber Law and Computing

On September 26, 2023 an insightful session was held on the topic “Cyber Security, Cyber Law and Computing”. Everything is controlled by computer systems in today’s world, so it is very crucial to understand the basics of cyber laws and cyber security. The students of Pro Bono Club and Lawyers Incubation Clinic actively participated in the same. Dr. Raju Narayanswamy, a well-spoken personality in this field guided the students and imparted his wisdom on Quantum Computing and Cybersecurity, Web Jacking, Cyber Law and Regulations.

How to draft a Consumer Complaint?

An informative session on “How to draft a consumer complaint?” was organised by Lawyers Incubation Clinic (LIC) on September 16, 2023. The session was organised to guide the students on how to draft a consumer complaint effectively
when faced with consumer-related issues, and procedural aspects of the same. Shri Kashyap Joshi led the session, sharing some valuable insights and expertise. Understanding consumer rights, Gathering Evidence, Complaint Structure are discussed in the session followed by Q&A. In a nutshell, the session was highly informative and well-received by the
students. It provided the students with the necessary skills to draft an effective consumer complaint. Shri Kashyap Joshi played a pivotal role in imparting valuable insights and practical advice.