Legal Aid Clinic

The Legal Aid Clinic was set up in the year 2009 aiming to give effect to the policy and direction of the National Legal Services Authority. The Clinic aims to provide free legal aid to poor, needy persons and the members of the weaker sections of society and to carry out the social welfare activities through sensitizing people about their legal rights and duties.

It conducts several Legal Literacy Camps to bring about legal awareness by engaging effectively with the marginalised sections of the society. It aims to provide practical knowledge of law to students by providing them with opportunities to know the ground realities. Different committees of the students have been formed to explore different areas where the legal aid is required.

Legal Aid Cell at Sabarmati Jail

Institute of Law, Nirma University established first of its kind Permanent Legal Aid Clinic inside the Sabarmati Central Jail (under-trial units) to provide free legal aid and advice to the inmates of Sabarmati Central Jail in collaboration with the Gujarat State Legal Services Authority and Gujarat Prisons on 30th July, 2011. Since 2011, the legal aid clinic at Sabarmati jail has counselled 3292 under-trial needy persons and successfully assisted 588 persons to get advocate through Legal Service Authority. The clinic has also organized various legal awareness camps at Sabarmati Jail – for convicted as well as under-trial prisoners- and in the nearby villages along with conducting various workshops and community service programmes.

Legal Aid Clinic Report



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