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Pro Bono Club

Pro Bono Club

The Institute of Law, Nirma University has been enrolled with the Pro Bono legal services scheme (Also known as the Nyay Bandu Scheme), an initiative by the Department of Justice, Ministry of Law & Justice. Under this scheme a Pro Bono Club has been established by the Institute. Pro Bono Club aims to provide pro bono services to people in need of legal aid and also to provide assistance to the Lok Adalats and ADR tribunals for promoting equal access to justice. This endeavor will give practical exposure to students and help them in becoming public-spirited practitioners, and at the same time, it will also provide much-needed assistance to pro bono advocates and help them in elevating the quantity and quality of their work.

Faculty Co-ordinator

  • Dr. Madhuri Parikh, Head
  • Mr. Alaukik Shrivastava, Co-Head
  • Mr. Abhas Srivastava, Co-Head


  • Pro Bono Litigation Assistance (PBLA) – Priya Prajapati
  • Community Care Legal Assistance (CCLA) – Shashwat Shah
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism – Vaaruun Nilesh
  • Research, Documentation and Reporting – Anoushka Shah