Reasons Why You Should Consider Pursuing A Career In Law

Law, as a profession, is one of the most popular choices amongst students in India. Considered a notable career choice, it is among one of the oldest academic fields in the world. Some of the prominent figures like Margaret Thatcher, Benazir Bhutto, Barack Obama, Mahatma Gandhi, and many more have one thing in common- they all pursued the law as a career. For some, studying law is to brace and support justice, while for some, it’s all about experiencing the different aspects of society.

As the world’s 2nd largest legal industry, India has a decent number of lawyers. Still, the nation faces a shortage of proficient lawyers, an increasing number of pending cases in courts and inadequate justice. However, with the advent of technological advancements like AI and Machine Learning, the law industry is expected to create substantial employment opportunities in the coming future. A legal career can be intellectually demanding, personally satisfying and lucrative.

Listed below are some of the reasons why you should consider pursuing a career in law:

Diverse career opportunities – Our legal system is abundant in complexities and intricacies. This makes the legal industry as one of the few markets that serve a mixture of core and non-core law functions. As an ever-evolving and rapidly-changing industry, the legal profession creates some of the most diverse career paths. From lawyers and judges to paralegals and consultants, law graduates can find themselves surrounded by opportunities from almost every sector such as media, commerce, corporates, and politics.

Financial security – A profession in law is one of the most lucrative choices in today’s world. Enabling you to enjoy job security and higher compensation compared to other businesses, the legal industry is continually thriving. However, simply gaining a degree in law does not guarantee instant success or remarkably large amounts of salary. You are expected to equip yourself with a varied set of skills and abilities to be able to grab rewarding opportunities. Also, your salary directly depends on the kind of firm you are working for, your practice area, your experience, and your competencies. Regardless of these factors, you can still be assured to earn a lucrative amount well above the nationwide average, considering you pursue your degree from a renowned institution.

Contribute to society – If you are someone who believes in contributing your part to society, a career in law is one of the best options that you can pursue. This profession empowers you to help people, communities, and organizations to make a difference. You can take up pro-bono, public interest, or criminal cases that will give you various opportunities to work for the greater good. Owing to its social commitment and relevance, a profession in law is highly respected, ensures financial assurance and professional dignity.

Constantly-changing work environment- With the oncoming of modern technologies, the legal profession is continuously evolving, thereby bringing new challenges and rewards. As a part of the legal system, you will be responsible for solving problems innovatively, tackling hurdles, mastering new technologies and steer through a rapidly-changing environment. However, with such an enticing and dynamic work environment, the challenges involved are also vast. This dynamic legal scenario makes every day unique and offers a satisfying work experience.

Gain a global perspective – With the emergence of globalization, the legal profession has surpassed international borders and has expanded across the globe. As a legal expert, you may acquire several global opportunities through mergers and collaborations with foreign firms. Branches like international law have opened doors to legal opportunities in the UN and other global firms. Facilitating a platform for international interaction, a career in law offers exciting opportunities like drafting global protocols, engaging in high-profile meetings and supervision of qualified lawyers.

Make a social change – After studying law, you can make a difference in society. India has an ample amount of laws that are for society. Society today needs people who are aware of the laws and have the ability to apply them when needed. If you are someone who wants to bring a change in the society for the betterment of the people like the great Mahatma Gandhi, who used his knowledge about law to make the country better, then this is the right course for you.

To conclude, one of the essential things to keep in mind while deciding to pursue a career in this field is to try and enrol in one of the best law institutes of the nation. Doing so will help you in developing not only academic skills but also gain interpersonal abilities that will enable you to seize fruitful opportunities in the future. A career in the legal industry can be considered as one of the most attractive and reputable professions. However, it comes with many challenges and purely depends on the rationale and passion of aspiring legalists. To be able to make it big in the legal industry, you undoubtedly have to push your boundaries and acquire industry-specific abilities.

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