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Scholarship Scheme for the students of "Under Graduate [5 year Integrated]".

Sr No. Particulars Amount (INR/p.a.)
1 Top 04 Students 2 Lakh each
2 Other 05 Students 1.5 Lakh each
3 Another 10 Students 1 Lakh each
Sr No. Particulars Amount (INR/p.a.)
1 15 students whose parents’ annual income is INR 4.00 Lakh or less 2 Lakh each
2 15 students whose parents’ annual income is INR 8.00 Lakh or less 1 Lakh each

Important Note: The students shall be entitled to get benefit of scholarship under one of the above mentioned categories subject to fulfilment of eligibility criteria.

Continuation/Renewal of the Scholarship in the subsequent years will be as per the University policy which may differ on a semester/year basis. However, it will be subject to meeting of minimum eligibility criteria, as under:

  1. During the entire previous year, the conduct of the student should be good.
  2. No acts or omission which results in unlawful behaviour, malafide intention maligning the University brand in digital, print, or social media promoting, supporting or sharing any content which is against the University brand
  3. No disciplinary action was initiated/sanctioned against the student under the student handbook or compliance which norms as prescribed by the University.
  4. The student should maintain merit and get PPI of 7.0 and above and should have passed all courses of study in the first attempt in the previous year, except the conditions narrated below:
    I. For Core courses
    at the time of renewing the scholarship for Semester-III, if a student is having “IF” in only one course of 1st year, than he/she should be provided 50% scholarship for Semester-III. Further, if the student clears all the courses including backlog at the end of Semester – III, then the scholarship of Semester-IV will be given along with the arrears of Semester-III.
    II. For Supplementary courses / Non-credit courses
    at the time of renewing the scholarship in the beginning of next semester, if a student is having ‘IF’ in only one supplementary course/non-credit courses, then he/she shall be provided the scholarship. However, the said relaxation be considered only for 3 times during the entire duration of the programme.
  5. The student is not caught in unfair means in any of the examination conducted and either by the Institute or University.
  6. The student should maintain minimum attendance criteria except the absence which genuine reasons for which the permission of the HoI was obtain particularly in the case of illness.
  7. It will be the responsibility of the applicant to check the eligibility before submitting application. In case, the applicant is found non-eligible at any stage, his/her submission or scholarship will be disqualified.
The students admitted under Non-Resident India (NRI/NRI Sponsored) or Persons of Indian Origin (PIO), Foreign Nationals (FN) or Children of Indian Workers in Gulf Countries (CIWGC) categories are not be eligible for the scholarships.

The number of scholarships mentioned above is maximum and may be vary based on the number of seats filled under NRI Category in the first year.

The President shall have power to make any exception in the above rules framed.

However, in case of any doubt in interpretation of any clause, the decision of the President shall be final.