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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research

With the objective of developing and promoting aptitude of research and encouraging research activities among all sections of students and to offer necessary help to researchers and scholars in  conducting research pursuits of varied nature which include social, economic governance, trade and business, environmental and other areas of law and other disciplines connected to law, a Student Research Council (SRC) has been constituted at the Institute level. It has been established to stimulate the trend of researching among the students of the Institute and to provide an effective mechanism for research and development in the Institute.



  • Development of research in the Institute.
  • Conducting Research at Institute.
  • Encouraging research among students at under graduate level

Aim & Objectives

  • Aims at improving student’s communicative skills.
  • Inculcate the habit of study and research, which is important for the growth and development in legal field.
  • Study the substantial laws and procedural laws in depth to identify its loopholes and suggest ways to effective implementation.
  • To associate with NGOs, Government Departments, implementing authorities, and other such agencies to understand the process of implementation.
  • To organise debates, Quizzes, Seminars, Symposiums, panel discussions etc. on related subject.
  • Assist the Research Centre’s in their administrative work.
  • Enablement of frequent communication between Head of Research Centres and Faculty Coordinators.
  • Making sure no hindrance is caused while organising any event/undertaking of any research projects.

Research Centre Management Committee (RCMC):

  • Work related to Research Centre’s.
  • Keep a track on the development of Research work under the Centre.
  • Creative initiatives to spread the awareness related to Research. For ex-Research Counter, Research Café.
  • Any other help required by the Centre’s.

Institute and Alumni Research Development Committee (IARDC):

  • It will work for maintaining external linkages of the institute
  • Inviting think tanks or collaborations.
  • Further, it will be creating and maintaining a repository of our alumni’s who are working in the area of research and act as their link to any research project or centre of ILNU.

Conference and Paper Review Committee (CPRC):

  • It will work for keeping a track of students attending conferences (National/International).
  • Review papers for Reimbursement and Exemption of Students attending conferences.
  • Organise any research training event for enhancing the research skills of the students.
  • Keep a record of all the conferences related achievements.


ILNU Student Research Law Review Blog (‘ILNU SRLR Blog’) is the flagship forum of the Student Research Council at Institute of Law, Nirma University. It is established with the objective of promoting academic research and fostering debate on contemporary legal issues. It is a student reviewed and edited blog, focusing on an inter-disciplinary approach towards legal writing.


The Student Research Council was established to stimulate the research among the students of ILNU, We at SRC take pride in nourishing the ideas and turning it into something wonderful, To add another Chapter to our legacy, SRC along with IARDC started a mentorship program for LLM for the students of ILNU by the top alumni of the university, so adding to that students that registered themselves for the program had been allotted a mentor guided them and helped refine through the hurdles in the way so that students can reach their ultimate goal with a little help.

Competitions Managed

  • Palkhivala National Tax Research Paper Competition, 2021
  • Assistance in law schools of Nirma and Johannesburg university collaboration
  • Student Orientation webinar on legal Research.


Apart from this SRC has conducted various webinars on multiple subject matters related to legal research, inviting various luminaries of the legal field for the same.

1. Research Centre of the Year (Trophy)

  • Based upon the Research related activities of the Centre, it will be felicitated with the Research Centre of the Year.
  • Prizes include the approval for Enhancing the Facilities of the Centres, Budget Increment for the Infrastructural Development of the Centre.

Basis of Assessment (In Academic year 2019-20):

Research Outcomes – 70%

  • Acceptance of Proposals,
  • Projects Undertaken,
  • Other Publications by Faculty & Students
  • Finalisations of the Projects

Organising – 30%

  • Outcome of that organising by Blog, Reports, Booklets etc. (Which has to be uploaded on the website)
  • Report justifying as how the organising helped in the research development of the centre or students.

2. Development Report of the Centre – The Concept of Wisdom Book (Mascot of SRC)

3 month working report of the centre:

  • October 2019 – I Report
  • January 2019 – II Report
  • April 2020 – III Report

The Report will be based upon the following factors:

  • Research Proposals finalization
  • Drafts prepared for the proposals
  • Abiding with the Deadlines mentioned in the Personal Timelines
  • The report will be a pre-step for the Research Centre of the Year.

Each month the centre toping the list will kept the Book of Wisdom. In the end of all three reports, the winning centre will be announced as Centre of the Year and will awarded with the Trophy of the Year.

3. Think Tank Meet

  • In addition to Conferences, Seminars and Workshops, the Centres can host Think Tanks working in the same subject matter as the respective centre.
  • In this meet, rather than Call for Papers, we begin with the unconventional concept of ‘Call for Policy Recommendations’.
  • Think tank meet would be a Round Table for these Think Tanks and the Institute (Research Centres).
  • The topic of the discussion has to be a contemporary and relevant policy issue which the centre have to find. It can also be in furtherance of their research projects.
  • That particular policy agenda should be a problem in the present socio-legal structure.
  • The centres will call for recommendations over that particular issue.
Position Name of Coordinator/Student Coordinator
Head Dr Madhuri Parikh
Co-Head Dr Shivani Joshi
Chairperson Samarth Jain
Vice Chairperson Pranav Tripathi
Secretary Nandini Srivastava
Chairperson, Research Centres Management Committee (RCMC) Rishav Kumar
Chairperson, Institute and Alumni Research Development Committee (IARDC) Vidhi Agarwal
Chairperson, Conference and Paper Review Committee (CPRC) Harmanjot Kaur