To create and transfer knowledge for the welfare of the society is the underlying objective of higher education for Nirma University. Leveraging on its intellectual vitality and integrity, Nirma University seeks to maximize opportunities for partnerships and collaborations with industry in the fields of Technology, Management, Law, Pharmacy and Life Sciences leading to value creation and continuous innovation.

Nirma University provides corporate partners with education, research partnerships and connections to world class faculty and students. It is distinguished by its highly collaborative, interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial environment.

The Institute of Law has a well organized Campus Recruitment Cell which acts as a facilitator and medium between the prospective recruiters and the students. On successful completion of the programme, the Institute assists the students in exploring placement opportunities by inviting companies for campus recruitment. The CRC is in constant touch with Law firms, PSU’s, Corporate houses and NGO’s. We also meet individually with the students and conduct workshops and programme in soft skills and personality development.The Institute works relentlessly towards providing the students with a plethora of options available  in their field. From contacting various stakeholders in the legal sector, such as law firms, companies, and public sector institutions, to providing the students with an opportunity to work in the social sector and judicial clerkship in the High Courts, the Institute has left no stone unturned to achieve outstanding results in the placement services and has successfully produced graduates who have been warmly accepted in legal fraternity through internships, placement, and summer trainings.

Placement Report 2019

Nirma University is one of the most preferred campuses for job placements by leading corporate companies. The University has corporate linkages with various companies, law firms and such professional organisations which regularly conduct and undertake recruitment at the Nirma University.

Our Placement model is a four stage process involving the Pre Placement activities, Career Guidance, Executing Placement and Post Placement reviews. Our association includes Collaborative Research, Industry focused Curriculum Design, Consultancy, Expert Lectures, Industrial visits and Projects, Training, Internships and Placements, Faculty Exchange, Customised Management Development Programmes, Technical Trainings, Legal Aid Clinic, Intellectual Property Sharing, Patents etc.

Pre-Placement Presentation/Talks
Organizations interested in conducting Pre Placement Talks are requested to coordinate with the Placement Cell and fix dates for conducting them.

The Pre Placement Talks may to be conducted any time prior to the beginning of the Pre Interview Screening.

Recruitment Registration
All recruiters participating in the Final interviews are required to register with the Campus Recruitment Committee (CRC).

Pre-Interview Screening
Recruiter may conduct the Pre-interview screening if they wish to. The Recruiters are requested to inform the CRC with the procedure for Pre Interview Screening as maybe preferred by the recruiter atleast 2 days prior to conducting the same. The applicants selected in the Pre Interview Screening shall qualify for appearing in the Final interviews.

Short Listing and Final Interview
List After the completion of recruitment registration, CRC shall prepare a FINAL INTERVIEW LIST (FIL) for every registered recruiter. The FIL shall contain the names of applicants who have qualified for appearing for the final interviews based either on the recruiters Recruitment Policy, results of the Pre-Interview Screening conducted by the Recruiter and eligibility of the Student as per the norms of CRC.

  • In case the recruiter has no fixed method of short listing candidates, CV’s of all interested students shall, be forwarded to the recruiter for short listing.
  • In case the recruiter has no procedure for pre interview screening, the list of interested students shall automatically become the FINAL INTERVIEW LIST.
  • In case the Recruiter invites limited applications with no specific criterion for short listing, the standard criteria followed by CRC for short listing shall be followed.

Waitlisted Candidates
Recruiters may give waitlists at two stages of the recruitment process to the CRC:

  1. Wait List for interviews to facilitate interviews of those who are not in the Final Interview List (FIL) of the applicants to appear for the final interviews. The waitlist for interviews here means that if any applicant who is selected in the FIL is not available for the interview then the recruiter may interview the applicant mentioned in the wait list, if the recruiter considers so appropriate.
  2. Interviewed Applicants Waitlist is to be provided by the recruiter, beyond the list of selected applicants to whom offers have been made for employment after the final interviews. The Interviewed Applicants Waitlist refers to interviewed applicants, to whom an offer for employment has not been made by the recruiter, but the recruiter is willing to consider them if the offer has been rejected by an application the merit List and the recruiter is willing to consider those in the Interviewed Applicants Waitlist.

All the waitlists are to be kept confidential and will be disclosed as per the instructions of the recruiters.

Pre-Placement Offer
The Pre Placement offers are not under the purview of CRC and the act/ommission related thereto will be in accordance to the agreement between the recruiter and the Student concerned. However, the student is to inform the CRC of any such offers made to him/her.

Final Interviews

  1. An applicant is allowed to appear for final interviews for which he/she is short listed in accordance with clause IV. There shall be a cap to the number of times an applicant can appear for the selection process.
  2. An applicant sitting for interviews or any other process as decided by the recruiter in the recruitment process, can withhold maximum of one offer at a time. An applicant can continue participating in other final interviews until he/she receives a second offer, upon which the participation of the applicant in the recruitment process will conclude.
  3. An applicant who is holding two offers shall not be allowed to sit for further interviews.
    Acceptance of the offer at any stage shall conclude the participation of the applicant in the recruitment process.
  4. There shall be a cap on the number of rejections a student can exercise during the recruitment, this cap shall, however, not apply to the rejection of pre-placement offer.
  5. The applicant shall decide between any two given offers, if the subsequent interview is to be conducted on the same day, or if the subsequent interview is scheduled at a later date, then the communication to this effect has to be made on the same day to the CRC.

Final Offer

  1. All recruiters will be required to disclose the results of their final interviews and any offers made to applicants only through the CRC. The CRC will maintain the record of offers accepted and rejected by the applicant.
  2. All, recruiters need to declare the final selection results within the stipulated time as agreed upon by the recruiter and the CRC, in accordance with the above rule. The recruiters will confidentially inform and provide the designated CRC member with the Merit List and waitlist; this shall be later made public to the applicants who sat for the final interviews or for the process as undertaken by that recruiter.

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